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    Hi! So I made a Clover Bootloader optimized setting for your HP Elitebook 8470p. You can apply it using the Finder application. This is all the steps you're gonna do: 1/ Install your Hackintosh (macOS 10.14.3) 2/ DO NOT INSTALL ANY BOOTLOADER 3/ Boot up using your USB (Make sure to boot to: Boot macOS Install from <your disk name> or FileVault Prebooter from <your disk name> 4/ Continue setup your machine 5/ Download the Clover Configurator ( I already put it in this post ) 6/ Mount your EFI partition. Here's how to do it: //eject your USB Installer //Click on Mount EFI tab on the left panel //Click on mount partition on the right panel in the bottom of the "Clover Configurator" windows //Click on open partition //Open your efi partition 7/ Now delete 2 folders (CLOVER, BOOT) then replace with my clover bootloader. 8/Reboot your laptop 9/Enjoy!
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