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  1. @Deepak I have a problem like this posted here twice and no one replies me , here
  2.    No its my first time for using it , please if you found any solution tell me
  3. Mavericks is freezing sometimes and i have to force shutdown, i don't know what should i do. also i have some glitches appears on my screen. Vaio C series VPCCA15FG Processor Name Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Processor 2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.90 GHz*1 Chipset Intel® HM65 Express Chipset Cache Memory 3 MB (L3 Cache) Graphics Accelerator AMD Radeon™ HD 6630M / Intel® HD Graphics 3000 Dedicated Video Memory 1 GB DDR3 RAM 4 GB here is an example about glitch appeared while i was submitting my problem
  4. 1- Mavericks is freezing and i don't know, i did not make this thread until it happened for me many times since i installed it , and today it  freezes two times then i have to force shutdown, any solution ?2- Multi Screen Not work (when i connect another Screen to my laptop with A VGA cable its not working at all) 3- Also fn+F5 and fn+F6 to set the screen brightness which is not work in mavericks also , what can i do ?4- I have installed Chameleon Wizard > CMBios > Edit > Select MacBook Pro 8.1 and still when i select About this Mac my system is logout, i have tried another Macbooks from the Selection which have i5 and still no luck with it (As Niresh told me to modify the CMBios and i found this way but it doesn't work)5- I have an existing Linux before installing Mavericks which i cannot boot into it because it does not appear on the selection when i start my machine , i don't wanna to miss with bootloader to not damage my osx , how can i have both of them as dual boot ? (I need a clarified steps please) 6-Sometimes i got somthing with a grey color on one of opened tabs at my browser or any other application, any solution? (i don't know what i should call it maybe i should call it "glitch" ?) i have added a screenshot about itMavericks 1.9.0Sony Vaio C series VPCCA15FGhttp://y-asia.com/product/vpcca15fg/sku/vpcca15fg_d+e1
  5. the steps i have posted above are through windows.. thats all what you will have to do incase of using windows
  6. I have successfully installed Mavericks on my laptop, what I have did in steps as the following: [*]Downloading Niresh Mavericks [*]Burn It to a Flash Memory using Win32DiskImager [*]Boot from it and formatted a partition with Disk Utility [*]Install Mac osx on that partition So thats what I have done, 1- when i choose About this Mac it logs me out, what i can do for solving this ? 2- Also HWMonitor sees my hard disk only , any solution ? 3- I have linux before install mavericks but now i cannot boot to linux because its not appear on the boot options , should i solve this by reinstalling GRUB on linux ? 4- my wi-fi and bluetooth not working any solution for this also ? thats all i have for now i have not seen any errors yet because i don't know much in this yet. my laptop is Sony Vaio C series VPCCA15FG http://www.sony-asia.com/product/vpcca15fg/sku/vpcca15fg_d+e1
  7. My laptop is Sony Vaio C series VPCCA15FG Specifications: http://www.sony-asia.com/product/vpcca15fg/sku/vpcca15fg_d+e1 Currently I have a dual-boot Windows 8 and Linux , But i will remove Windows 8 in order to install Niresh Mavericks I have downloaded Niresh-Mavericks.dmg and Win32DiskImager, burned the dmg file on a stick usb and i can boot with it successfully. I have some questions just to make sure about most of things before i start the installation process: 1- from Mavericks download's page there is the following which i don't understand it and when i should do it (because i don't want to lose my data of course : 2- From Macbreaker thread about installing Niresh (ML) there are things must be done in bios before installing specially this Niresh says this Mavericks Distro will work without changing to AHCI so i am confused a little as its my first time to try install a hackintosh on my laptop what should i do at this point ? 3- when booting keyboard is working and i can move the mouse using touch pad, but i cannot click with the touch pad itself as i do on windows or linux ( but i can use the left click button instead), is this mean it won't work even after installation ? Thanks..
  8. And i think there is no need to change anything in the BIOS, i was browsing people's comments on the download page and i found this reply from Niresh himself: https://www.maconpc.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=comments&parentId=75&fromApp=downloads-files&do=findComment&comment_id=67
  9. what about this:   You Have to Do a Small Step to Restore The Image on Mac but its very simpletype diskutil list on terminal press enterthere you may see a list of disk look out for your usbdisk0 will probably be the root harddiskso if you can find your pendrive thenlook out for the disk number it will be similar like disk0for an example that can be disk3so to restore the dmg on terminal typediskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk3then to restore the imagedd if=/path/to/the/dmg/ of=/dev/rdisk3 bs=1mafter typing dd if=(You Can Just Drag and Drop The Image)thats all be very very careful when using dd wrong disk value may cause complete data lossif you realized that you have entered the wrong value while using dd immediately hard reset the computernever use a harddisk for restore you will loose all your datas I just did same as you but i did not installed mavrickes yet and i have two questions: 1- my touch pad is just make me able to move the mouse but i cannot click with it (so i am using left click button on my laptop), is this mean it will not work after installation and i will have to use the left button ? 2- i don't understand and i don't know when to do the process above which is copied from niresh mavericks download page my laptop is Sony Vaio C series VPCCA15FG http://www.sony-asia.com/product/vpcca15fg/sku/vpcca15fg_d+e1 , I am watching your post since yesterday in order to found any new information can help me in the process. its first time for me here
  10. Hey , I just used Win32DiskImager to Mount DMG to , on installation menu before pressing continue , i can move my mouse through touch pad but i cannot click with it (left mouse button works but i cannot click with my touch pad like windows or linux) , i did not press continue yet , just restart it and logged to my linux again, is this mean it wont work after installation ? That is a link for my laptop Sony Vaio C series VPCCA15FG http://www.sony-asia.com/product/vpcca15fg/sku/vpcca15fg_d+e1
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