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  1. no imessage, no appstore, no mail, no icloud,.. also,.. nothing ^^ only the system works for me ^^ so i don´t use yosemite anymore, because nothing really working for me, maybe in a few weeks or month when more kexts and fixes will be available
  2. he is right,.. you did not correct entered those lines.. after kextcache... end ! ! ! enter no fail or error etc.... reboot and boot normaly with -v
  3. didn´t work for me,.. none of them only voodoo Audio
  4. just try the normal flags like: -v npci=0x2000 / 0x3000 PCIRootUID=1 / 0 GraphicsEnabler=Yes / No USBBusFix=Yes / No on my Intel Hashwel i get the same with IOBluetooth.... because i have onboard intel and a nvidia gpu so i have to use "nv_disable=1 "Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32" GraphicsEnabler=Yes IGPEnabler=Yes IntelAzulFB=XX" so i think you will have to try with GraphicsEnabler=Yes or No Test it and report for others
  5. are your harddrives in your bios set as SATA ? or IDE ? OSX needs Sata just check the install faq and set up your bios to minimu 70% like that,.. important is SATA and not to use UEFI :T report after checking and restart installer + disk util
  6. sorry but for that question you have to create a new topic ?! some guys needs to learn how google work
  7. just try to search your graphic card with google and 10.10 or yosemite sth like that. i have to wait for patched kernel or kext or what ever
  8. no, the restart is normal,.. after restart , boot again the installer with the same flag for install and then start the terminal
  9. after install and yes the terminal next to hdd format etc
  10. normaly AMD can´t use clover,.. most of users get a kernel panic or instant reboot,.. my yosemite came with chameleon... install new with chameleon in setup , unselect clover and test it again. please report
  11. did you after install finished, restart the installer usb stick and move the kernel ?? don´t think so open terminal from installer usb enter: ls /Volumes will show you name of devices cp -f /Volumes/"Image Volume"/amd64 /Volumes/"Mac OS"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel rm -rf /Volumes/"Mac OS"/System/Library/Caches kextcache -u /Volumes/"Mac OS" Image Volume is the Volume that the Stick have for me /amd64 is the kernel that we used to copy into kernel folder Mac OS is the name you have installed your Hackintosh System for me personal OSX
  12. normaly you can take a shot with command shift 3 ,... but i can´t ... message "keine berechtigung (german) / no permission ... don´t know why,.. tried to fix permission 3 times,.. always the same graphic glitches are "normal" for now,.. i have them too with my asus r9 290x (ati) but i can boot without graphicsenabler=yes or no
  13. thats fine now look what you need for ethernet and sound and install it
  14. try this time with -v npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 not with Graphic enable or disable for now i have to sleep,.. come back later, just try some flags, or install fresh and use npci and pci root in setup dont enable or disable your graphic and no backup those kext disable Audio and ethernet kext and hanging on the beach ball of dead) so good luck and report ur results
  15. ah oky ^^ but on this screen if it is the same like yours, there is no reason why it fails did you try it on another hdd ? when did you download your version of yosemite ?
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