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  1. No man, I gave up installing hackintosh. I got most of the things working like wifi and all, But only graphics were the main issue.
  2. it is showing intel hd 4000 4MB. but my laptop has 1792 MB of that. I searched on the web about this but I am confused what to do. And laptop is flickering in some apps(I think this is due to the above mentioned thing). after installation I installed kest for battery and wifi. nothing else I replaced EFI with the bootable pen drive's EFI partition to install clover. and I didn't changed the config.plist file. yesterday I edited the config.plist file for Intel hd 4000 in graphics tab, and when I restarted it started giving kernel panics. today I have reinstalled macOS, so I don't want to mess up again. (for me fresh install is taking 5-6 trials) please, please, please help me. thank you
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