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  1. can you give me the link to the download plz
  2. I'm useing pdanet (using tablet as my internet)
  3. what do i do in thare?    
  4.     i will try this out now
  5. hey i need help i finally got my internet working in my hackintosh but now i cant login to app store plzz help is this for all? if not the error it "Your device or computer could not be verified. contact support for assistance" plz help! thanks!
  6. GPU: amd radeon 6670 hd 2gb Ram: 4gb (x2 2gb) DDR3 MainBoard: acer Veriton M275 CPU: intel pentium E5700 plz help thanks
  7. but I can't install mavericks becouse when I install it it installs but then it comes up with boot0:done and then goes and then black screen I waited for 4 mins not in happen. So I installed mountain lion. But I want mavericks is there a solution? Thanks
  8. Hey how to I update my ml 10.8.5 to mavericks?
  9. hey is thare a way to make a bootable sd card for mavericks ive got a 8 gb sd card and a reader. if yes then can you tell me step by step. (windows) skype: saawal (the first one in the list)
  10. Thanks I've fixed it now I need help with the Thomson tg123g WiFi dongle
  11. my screen is flickrig! look plz help https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B04aUyTHPLRdbGpiV19tdW1TT1E/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Hello I need help with this white screen after the apple boot screen with the curser plz help asap My GPU is and redeon hd 6670 Update! Now I did PCIROOTUID=0 but then this happen: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B04aUyTHPLRdbGpiV19tdW1TT1E/edit?usp=sharing
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