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  1. Hello, Although my OS X is working now, I would just like to know please how to fully uninstall Niresh. Just for future reference! thanks in advance, Marc Computer name: Dell Inspiron 2330 Ram: 4GB DDR RAM Processor: Intel i3 (3.4GHZ) Graphics card: Intel integrated graphics card
  2. I. Installed it successfully and so far no problems! Thank you for your help!
  3. @ Ok what I did is I formatted the partition I already had it installed on for HFS+... And now I'm installing OS X on that partition after install I tried to boot normally and I got a panic error. Ok I got in now and set up the Mac using te (-x) flag... It's configuring the hackintosh now even though it's in safe mode... When the configuring is done, will I be able to start it normally?
  4. @ To uninstall Mavericks should I just remove the partition with it installed? Or is there a specific way to remove it?
  5. @ I have a third generation intel i3 processor! How would I turn it off in the BIOS? Any tips? I looked trough the BIOS and I couldn't find any graphics related options... Only CPU configs
  6. @ Ok sorry my bad: Processor: IntelĀ® Core i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40GHz (I don't know whether it's sandy bridge, ivy or haswell) Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7650A (Dell) and Intel integrated graphics HD 4000 As for the picture: This is only one example but I entered the other flags the exact same way:
  7. @ I put in -x once by booting from the usb stick into the OS X partition and once from the niresh screen. Both times it failed to boot up. I'm goin to try the combination flags now! I have used all the combinations of flags... None of them worked they all froze at the same point... What should I do now? Can I do anything else?? Otherwise how can I remove it if I have to
  8. Nothing different happened when I booted using the given flags... Here is however, an image of the boot up in verbose mode (-v)
  9. with -x (Safe mode I can't boot fine unfortunately... I don't really need to post a pic as there is nothing that givers any clues sorry :/ Basically what happens is a loading bar comes up, and when it's finished about a quarter of the way, it disappears and it continues with the boot (Apple logo and spinning wheel). After some seconds the wheel then freezes and nothing happens. OS X is on a different partition, but I'd prefer not to remove Niresh as I'm a huge fan of it
  10. I tried the options you have and it stopped again at the ntfs errors As a last resort is there anyway I can actually remove niresh form my computer fully, and keep and access my windows partition? And yes I have a dual boot.
  11. I redid it with the flag you mentioned and this time, it froze and said that the ntfs partitions could not be remounted and that the windows partition was hibernating... Really confused now :/
  12. I booted with -v-f After the loading bar was full, the computer shut down. Other than that nothing else happened... :/
  13. I installed Niresh 10.9 without any serious problems. It completed the setup on the desktop successfully and everything went smoothly. Now one day later I tried to boot the machine into OS X, and It won't load. It gets stuck at the apple logo with the spinning circle. I have tried several common bottup flags to get it to work and when I ran it in verbose mode it freezes at a certain point! This is my first hackintosh! Computer name: Dell Inspiron 2330 Ram: 4GB DDR RAM Processor: Intel i3 (3.4GHZ) Graphics card: Intel integrated graphics card Please help!! Here is a picture of where verbose mode freezes :
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