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  1. Booting in safe mode and installing the bootloader did not help at all. Back to the old grind lol, anyone have any more suggestions???
  2. I installed a bootloader on normal, I'll try again in safe mode and report back!
  3. Unless go to my flashdrive and use the boot menu on the flashdrive and select the mac hdd, I cannot boot to my mac. If I unplug the flashdrive, it boots to a black screen and then goes to windows.
  4. That link did not help at all.
  5. Any idea on how to get imessage working? I moved the FixNVRAM.dlib into my modules folder in the extra folder on my mac hdd. Rebooted as well. Still getting an error has occured with authentication etc whatever.
  6. Fixed it all by luck. I made another mavericks usb thinking I'd have to wipe the hdd and reinstall, but I put the usb disk in, it brought me to the boot menu, and for shiz I clicked my mac hdd just to see one last time if it'd boot, sure enough it did!
  7. It literally boots straight to a black screen with a dash flashing and it flashes twice then goes into windows. Theres nowhere for me to type it in.
  8. I had flawlessly installed niresh mavericks on another hard drive, but the hdd was failing so I now installed it on another hard drive no problems at all. I decided to try out multibeast, installed with no issues and then restarted it to get everything to work. Now I get a black screen and it just skips that hdd and goes straight to my windows hdd in about 5 seconds.Any leads?
  9. I have the usb drive made and ready! I installed it from the usb drive and it said "computer will restart" so I booted to the hard drive, and it shows the niresh mac logo and spinning wheel, then the screen goes black. Anything that I need to do? I've tried -v -x -f -F USBBusFix probably everything.
  10. I tried booting niresh after installing it to my hdd, and it boots to a black screen. If I start it with only one monitor it just freezes at the apple logo and does nothing. Anything I need to do?
  11. I booted verbose finally in the options menu and figured it out! It still does the same thing it eventually reaches its death and the screen goes black. I'll take an up close video so you can see what kills it finally. It dies at "NTFS Volume Name version 3.1"
  12. Thank you so much for your response, Deepak. How should I enter -v? I'm at the part where I'm fully done installing it and it's supposed to boot. If I hit startup options it only lets me choose between windows and the mac hdd (the built in boot loader that came from the mac installation, not the bios one). Should I include some pics or a video to help out? Thanks a bunch also.
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