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  1. with the kernel of mavericks could start yosemite?
  2. I tried all the kernels and nothing, how can I install other kernels?
  3. Download transmission is better.if you can install Yosemite best ,Mavericks does not support with many programs
  4. I will explain better, I'm trying to start os x on my pc, what happens is that when you start reading the kext and juto when finished it restarts, I do not get the apple with the load line, can it be a kernel incompatibility? I have previously been able to install mavericks perfectly using the amd64 kernel.thanks
  5. hello niresh, I appreciate your work, could help me in one thing, when I try to boot the usb with the yosemite installer, at the moment and select it passes and I do not boot the bootloader, instead I could install mavericks from the cd (iso) and from there he could also select the yosemite installer but when he starts reading the files the computer restarts, you could help me thanks for everything
    help, I have HP Compaq DC7600 with mavericks running, but when I try to start the yosemite installer the hackingtosh zone logo comes out for a millisecond and it reboots, help me please I'm desperate, already and tried everything, my processor is Intel pentium 4 ht 755 la socket
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