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  1. Hiii. Now i update my acer to mavericks 10.9.3 and get first white screen (1 second) and after go to black... Need help please
  2. hii , first sorry for my english... , have a problem (maybe) when launch the system with the flags -x -v (safe mode) in the screen see a duplicated kexts (not all) with the same name bud not same size
  3. i have the same problem in 10.9.1 (its a update from 10.8.5 with my hack ), wait more time for boot, more than mountain lion, when the loggin screen appears the keyboard not run, need wait 40 seconds for enter my loggin password. when the notebook have 5 minutes on, run normally bud at the start its not fast like 10.8.5
  4. hii , now have a usb with mavericks 10.9.1 installer make with my hack, boot normally apple logo appears bud after go to a white screen and don't respond, need a boot flag or something??
  5. DOnt have iA***os have niresh installed, now founded a spanish Facebook website of niresh and speak with other people in spanish, thank you so much for the help and in some days a pay one donation to support the future niresh distress , its the best easy and powerful NIRESH¡
  6. i try to update from mavericks.dmg (downloaded from this web) bud don't run.. only can see a image no button start no install button , and don't find videos on yotube , as I update without losing data? the problem is now have all my docs and files in the notebook only see like this http://www.movistar.com.ec/comunidad/attachment.php?attachmentid=791&d=1390860184
  7. hiii , have a problem with this wifi, i try to install the kext here in niresh web and airport its open at startup and run normally bud when try to connect to a wifi with password display this: error connection , when try to access to a free wifi don't see any website y try to update from niresh ml 10.8.5 at niresh mavericks bud when the volume its open only see a picture without start o install option…. please help for this , only need the wifi now
  8. hii , i downloaded the mavericks.dmg from the web , bud dont see a start button.
  9. yeahhhh , have 2 AR5B95 and other AR5B95-H , when connect to the laptop and run the os x don't reconognice…. need install something or what??? pleaseeeee!
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