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  1. I have an AMD FX 8150 / 7970 rig on a Sabertooth 990FX Rev 1.0. Use Niresh12495 release 10.9.0 Mavericks. Set Bios to default settings, AHCI should be on the hard drives by default. To boot you need to use amdfx that is the only flag needed As long as you see an apple logo with the progress circle spinning and a movable mouse cursor in 30 seconds you will arrive at the install screen. you need these flags enabled to boot to the OS, default settings including npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=no -f
  2. I guess we are all stuck in the same boat with the ignore kernel cache command. -f
  3. Are you sure your video card has graphics acceleration? Are you in safemode (-x) where your video card would not work?
  4. Install these two in kext wizard. 4082-AppleHDA ALC888 - LayoutID 888 (this supports realtek alc 882 through 902) VoodooHDA-v284 (you can find this on niresh forum downloads) I have the ALC892 soundcard too and this fixed it.
  5. What type of kernel is the amdfx kernel in the Mavericks release?
  6. What motherboard do you have so we can help? You usually have to reinstall VoodooHDA with kext wizard and repair permissions using kext utility if there is a static noise. If you leave the static noise on for too long it can blow out speakers, I'm not kidding.
  7. Do not upgrade to 10.9.2 Dev Channel It is a large update, 1.7 gb and it will overwrite your kernels / files resulting in black screen reboot.
  8. Yes it is safe to update. I have a 7970 FX 8150 build. No changes are needed. It is a minor upgrade that just has upgrades Gmail on the Mac.
  9. I had Audio crackling from restarting after a fresh install.Solution is to delete AppleHDA and VoodooHDA-v284 from extra/extensions and then delete the VoodooHDA from PreferencePanes in the library folder.Then use kext wizard to install both kexts then rebuild 4082-AppleHDA ALC888 - LayoutID 888 (this supports realtek alc 882 through 902) VoodooHDA-v284 I have the ALC892 soundcard too and this fixed it.
  10. The default Audio driver 2.8.4 voodoohda now there are no chirps or static.
  11. Install Transmac Launch Transmac Right Click USB > Format as HFS+ Volume Right Click USB > Restore Image to this device If it asks you how you want to restore it hit MBR.
  12. post your boot flags does it freeze first or just instant black screen?
  13. РоÑен ÐлекÑандров set your bios to default! Use Transmac to burn Niresh 10.9.0 to USB. When booting to the installation screen type: amdfx When done installing to a drive type this to get to the OS: (npci=0x2000 is on by default no need to type it on charmeleon) GraphicsEnabler=no -f Graphics Enabler doesn't mean that the graphics will not work, IT MEANS THAT THE EXPERIMENTAL COMPATIBLITY WILL NOT BE USED AND WILL USE THE OS'S DRIVERS. 7XXX series is supported due to the 7000Series Kext which is INCLUDED in mavericks.
  14. Think for a second here, do you experience screen tearing, no? Do you experience 800x600 resolution, no? Actually, the graphics driver for the 7XXX series are already onboard with Mavericks when you type GraphicsEnabler=no. There is no need for the experimental recognition of your card it is already included with the OS. All you need to do is type -f, the ignore kernel cache, command. I have a Amdfx 8150 and a Radeon HD 7970 I use these 2 commands to start up. GraphicsEnabler=no -f No freezing, youtube is working, and sound is working without needing tampering.
  15. Distro Used: Niresh Mavericks 10.9.0 System Config 512 GB SSD (with windows, which I am using to type this) 1.5 TB HDD 1600 mhz ram FX 8150 7970 HD Radeon GHz Reference Model EDIT: FIXED with GraphicsEnabler=no Reached the choose a language and Apple ID setup. Now my mouse/keyboard freezes halfway about 30 seconds into the mac install. EDIT:Ok I've booted into OSX without freezes with -x safemode. EDIT:FINALLY FIXED WITH IGNORE KERNEL CACHE -f and GraphicsEnabler=no no more safemode needed!
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