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  1. Can you post pictures of your screen?
  2. Yeah, He's on a Desk Laptops are having a problem not just me other people too people mostly say they have it working are using desktops
  3. Virtual Machine seems not to work for me either idk why... Maybe cause they don't support EFI idk its up to niresh
  4. Yup i did that all do you have skype? you don't need a mic i can show you on video
  5. Yup Got the same thing I did what it said on that post and i tried "amd -v" amd -v -x -f GraphicsEnabler=No" And non work picture below [spoiler][/spoiler]
  6. Im gonna try it now, I ll report back the after results
  7. Post are being deleted cause people will post there problems in this thread, this isn't for support this is information for people with this issue
  8. Yes I've done the research and everything came together and You wont be able to install any Mac OS X to your PC if you have a AMD APU because the APU is a CPU/Graphics Joined together and Mac dont support it so its up to someone like Niresh to make it it would be nice if he could but to everyone that has a problem and get that kernel panic even when you use "-v -x USBBusFix=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No -f) And it still doesn't work...... It was a waste of your time because that wasn't the problem it was you Processor ! Hopefully we see a difference int he future about this problem for laptops ! Update: 1/14/2014 for some people it will work IE desktops have the Chance ! Staff DO NOT Unpin or Delete this thread, This is for people who have this Processor and to stop them from wasting there time trying/posting a thread about it !
  9. I wasn't looking for anything but for this to work on my AMD laptop
  10. So sad its not working on my AMD laptop that has a better processor and video Card
  11. It has nothing to do with boot flags. There are plenty of people getting this error and no can seem to get it working as my self I have checked numerous of post and people said you need a patched (AMDA4,A6) Kernel to get over the Processor, Because its your processor causing the panic
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