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  1. I have already made tutorial about it s see this http://www.hackintoshmumbai.com/how-to-extract-kernel-from-pacifist/
  2. ​May be you have to use fake ID in clover option
  3. Hey To solve the UserEventAgent issue do the following Go to System/Library/LaunchAgents and "move" the following files to any place safe. 1. com.apple.UserEventAgent-LoginWindow.plist 2. com.apple.UserEventAgent-Aqua.plist OSX will ask you for admin authentiction. Once done. Reboot and the HIGH CPU usage should be gone.
  4. Its a GPU issue what kind a GPU u have ? Update your signature like mine Delete all kext of AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL and try
  5. Add this to your Org.Chameleon.Boot.Plist without notation <key>Theme</key> <string>"Your Theme Name"</string>
  6. I would suggest you to install OS-X without the following graphics card nVdida 640 then install OS-X(without graphics card) Once you successfully installed OS X then add you card it shoild work without any work coz this card is almost perfect i got the same
  7. Boot with -v GraphicsEnabler=No once you booted replace the copy this kext from 10.8.5 NVIDIAGF100Hal.kext and replace it in System/Library/Extensions/ and make sure always boot with GraphicsEnabler=No or add <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> In you OCBP.........
  8. Nvidia will never works User retail installation method like restore BaseSystem.dmg and delete all NVD kext from USB/System/Library/Extensions use following smbios 8.1 in OCBP add <key>GenerateCStates</key><string>Yes</string><key>GeneratePStates</key><string>Yes</string><key>Graphics Mode</key><string>Desire</string><key>GraphicsEnabler</key><string>Yes</string> and try by this method HD4000 auto inject it self or use Enoch boot loader
  9. VirtualBox is not stable as VMware according to my experience but i will think about it Thanks
  10. Dude do 1 thing download niresh maverick iso and try but make sure unlock VMware before making a new virtual machine :
  11. Which bios does you have Legacy/EFI/UEF that is also important ...Make sure use EFI and UEFI or Use any live cd like robot or hackboot Or use another guide the distro guide see http://hackintoshmumbai.blogspot.in/p/vmware-distro.html
  12. This post has been promoted to an article Source http://hackintoshmumbai.blogspot.com/p/vmware-distro_17.html
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