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  1. Anyone knows what to do to fix sleep? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hello all. I've got the Niresh Mavericks running well since one or two months ago. Last week or so I updated to 10.9.2 (before 10.9.3 was available) and since that moment my laptop was unable to go to sleep. Before the installation my laptop was able to going to sleep, so I think the problem was the update, it should corrupt some kext or something to make the computer unable to sleep. Anyone know how to fix it? or know which kexts make the sleep fuction to work? maybe if I restored the kext from 10.9.0 it work again. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english
  3. Hi, I´ve got another laptop with the same gpu and I got to solve that problem. The only thing I needed to do was install chameleon bootloader and choose resolution in chameleon wizard app. About QE/CI it was some people working on it but it was discontinued about 2 years ago so... I hope helped you.
  4. Hi, i´ve tried other distros as iAtkos ML2 and not battery status neither... even installing VoodooBattery for Mountain Lion. Anyone know what can I do to solve it? I also tried to patch my dsdt to get the battery well working but in the tutorial says look for EC but when I look for it, it didn´t find any line of code with that... I´m desperate. Please I need help. I really would like to get it working. It´s a shit not be able to control the battery percentage to know if I need to charge or what... Thanks in advance
  5. Hello all. I´ve tried what it was suggestesd before. I´ve made a clean install of Niresh Mavericks without selecting anything related to battery. Then remove AppleSmartBattery and install VoodooBattery and AppleAPCIPlatform but it didn´t work. I still don't have any battery information. I´ve tried to update to 10.9.2 to try if it work but no luck... I also tried another methods found on Google as install various kext as AppleBatteryManager (or something similar, don't remember the name exactly) with no luck as well... Anyone know what else can I do? I read something about patching the DSDT to make it work but I actually don't have any idea of how to do and what to do exactly... Please I need help. I also bought a new battery to check if it worked or not but it didn't... Anyone know if there is others possible methods to make the battery information work properly?? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks I'll try that and will report back.
  7. and may you remember which options did you selected related to battery?? apart of VoodooBattery
  8. so you got the battery working with the VoodooBattery.kext?? I'll try to reinstall Mac OS X from scratch and don't select battery in the installation and see if that's work. Thanks very much!
  9. and how did you get it to work?? uninstalling and reinstalling some times or how? Thanks for all your help
  10. so nothing else what can i do? I selected Laptop battery during installation, may that cause the VoodooBattery not working??
  11. Hi, I´ve done what I thought about uninstall both kext and reinstall them but it didn't work... Does anyone know what else can I do to get my laptop battery work like it should?? Thanks in advance
  12. I´ve already done it but it didn't work. I removed AppleSmarBatteryManager.kext, reboot, used kext wizard to install both kext and rebuilt the kernel cache and repaired permissions from system/Library/Extension and nothing. it didn't work. May if I unistall both kext VoodooBattery and AppleACPIPlatform, reboot and reinstall would work? thanks for your reply.
  13. Hello, I´ve used niresh mavericks for a while and I had not been able to get the battery works as it should. I mean, it works, I can use my laptop without being plugging in but the battery icon doesn't show any information. I´ve tried to install VoodooBattery for mavericks but it didn't work, any suggestion what can I do to make it to work normally? Thanks in advance! Hugo
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