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  1. Hi. I was wondering if anyone has successfully installed OSX on a AMD Richland APU. If so, please point me to a guide! I have tried this in the past, but I lost interest, but have recently regained that interest! Here are my specs: Thanks if you can help! ~Nick
  2. Hi, this is my first post in the Niresh community, so I don't know If I am posting in the right space! I have a VMware setup on my PC (I am posing from a school Mac ATM), and I keep getting this error: Error: The guest OS is not supported. I have the VM setup with 4GB of ram, 1 CPU with 2 cores, Hardware virtualization on (I am using an AMD build), and the CD set to the Guest OS disk image. I followed this tutorial: , but I am not sure if this applys to me due to the fact that I have an AMD A6 6400K APU. Full specs of my PC: OS: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit RAM: 8GB DDR3 1866MHZ Cpu: AMD A6 6400k Black edition (3.9 Ghz) GPU: AMD Radeon 8450D (I think?) HDD(s): 1TB WD Blue 7200RPM 350GB 5400RPM Backup Drive Mobo: ECS A75F2-A2 (V1.0) (Copyed from the website, can't get rid of the black bar ) PSU: 500W If there is anything I need to do to get this to work, let me know! Also, if booting OSX Outside of the VM (say, in dual boot) is possible, that would be great to know! If I left anything, let me know as well! Thanks! ~Nick
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