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  1. Hi my dear friend's .. i'm installed Mac Mavericks 10.9.0 on my laptop toshiba l50 .. and now i need to driver for my video card .. INTEL 4600 HD Graphics card .. Thank's
  2. @Devonic : ya i'm understand .. No it's additional integrated graphics .. the basic video card was INTEL 4600HD GRAPHICS ..
  3. Hi .. Please i want to know if my Video card are Supported or not in Mavericks 10.9.0 may laptop : THOSHIBA-L50 .. NVIDIA GeForce GT 740m ..
  4. @Devonic : i liked all of your post's .. Ok .. it's not a problem i have another question Now the resolation of my display work but i don't no it's working or not .. becouse the motion of programm was very slow and i think the vidoe is not work ? and i have 2 Video card's INTEL 4600HD GRAPHICS .. NVIDIA GE-FORCE GT 740M .. can you help me to install driver's of it !
  5. @Devonic Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees it's working now .. I'm very very happy .. you are the best team in the world .. Can i Ask about something else my last drive Wireless i don't no it's supported or not .. can you help me to install it Aheros AR956x network .. tnxxxxx a lot for your help
  6. @Devonic : Yeeeeees it's working but their a small problem .. he see he drive but i can't hear any sound .. like the pic :
  7. @Devonic it's not working (((
  8. @Devonic That's it Or wrong !
  9. @Devonic : Ooops I'm so sorry Ok .. that's it ..
  10. @Devonic : Ok my friends this screenshot of my id number << 883 ..
  11. Hi .. Please i want to ask you about something important .. Now i'm Download Mac 10.9 on my laptop TOSHIBA-L50 .. All Drivers work's Good But i have a problem in Sound driver .. Can you help me and tell me how i can install it
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