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  1. That's great! Thanks for the reply. can't wait to try High Sierra!
  2. Unfortunately, I haven't seen that problem before. TryUSBBusFix=Yes or USBLegacyOff=Yes. If that doesn't work, only type the command "?" And see if you can find a boot command that relates to USBs. Have you tried waiting for a while? I think I had a similar issue and it ended up with around 8 lines of the same thing until it went passed those lines eventually. Although it took a while for it to pass. Good luck!
  3. Sorry. Do you have a current Mac OS X system installed? If not, you could also use TransMac for windows. I think I may have moved the AMD kernel myself from the untitled folder in /System/Library/Kernels/. With TransMac or Mac OS X, open the USB and go to System/Library/Kernels/untitled folder/ and move the kernel.amd file to System/Library/Kernels/. Don't worry about the kernel.intel file. Then try booting with kernel.amd again in Chameleon and hopefully it will work. Good luck!
  4. Sorry about that. I saw this on a different forum specifically for AMD OS X. Try USBBusFix=Yes and see if that fixes your problem it fixed the other person's. Good luck.
  5. Your laptop is better than mine, and mine can run Sierra so you should have no problems.
  6. The Chameleon boot command is wrong. I tried only "kernel.amd" and it worked, instead of "Kernel=kernel.amd". That leads to the prelinkedkernel folder. Hello. I fixed your problem! For Chameleon, Kernel=kernel.amd leads to the prelinkedkernel folder which isn't where the AMD kernel is stored. I tried this myself in Chameleon and it worked, but type ALL these commands for AMD kernel.amd -v npci=0x3000 This should make it boot
  7. Hello. Your laptop should run Sierra/High Sierra fine, if you're getting "Still waiting for root device" during boot, try hot swapping the USB ports (When you get that message, move the USB to another port, and keep trying back and forth until you get passed that message). Hope this helps.
  8. Does your BIOS support UEFI/EFI? Because unfortunately that seems to be the only way it will work (with Clover). If it supports EFI, switch to that and the USB will boot clover.
  9. Yep, I see your problem. I tested it myself and and I got the same thing with the flags. Are you able to use Clover with UEFI boot mode? If so, type kcsuffix=amd npci=0x3000 If you have another operating system installed with legacy boot mode, you may just have to switch the boot modes each time for the different OS. If you just want to stick to legacy, you may have to try and put a different AMD kernel in yourself in /System/Library/Kernels/.
  10. Oh, you could also not install any bootloader and install that manually later with the .PKG file.
  11. @BillGates Hey Bill. I love Windows by the way. Did you change the bootloader to Chameleon? please tell me what exact options you set to fix this. Thanks.
  12. Hello Cantero. Are you booting with Clover or Chameleon? Clover gives you pictures with a background and only works with UEFI boot. Chameleon Is plain and only works with Legacy boot with only the drives named and with no set bootflags. If you are on clover, use kcsuffix=amd and you will probably need npci=0x3000 or npci=0x2000. use those if you get stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin/End]. Also make sure to boot with -v. Send me a picture of your problem if possible.
  13. Have you tried the bootflag -v? try that, and see where it gets stuck or whatever happens.
  14. Hello all. I am curious about the AMD support in High Sierra Zone. In the log or ''features" list, it says there is AMD support but in beta. Does this mean AMD is supported in the current version, but it's buggy or something, or will it be released separately/in an update? If it isn't actually supported yet, what's the expected date AMD support will be released for High Sierra? If it is supported, what bot flag do I need in the clover EFI boot menu to get into the installer with an AMD processor (AMD Radeon HD 8000 series/R3)? Laptop specs: Processor: AMD E1-2500 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 8000 series/R3 Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.44 GB Usable) System type: 64-bit Operating System (OS), x64-based processor SSE4.1 supported. Thank you!
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