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  1. Hi, When you install Mojave on the hard drive the only way how to access the system is the usb installer. It won't let you boot from the hard drive unless you install a boot loader such as Clover on the drive (EFI). In short you can (MUST) use the usb installer (EFI boot files) to boot into the system and when you happy then install the boot loader on the hard drive. You may find later that booting the system from the hard drive is not as easy as it looks like.:)
  2. Hmm, I have got a Haswell laptop and that Gigabyte H87N board is a desktop Haswell. I hope that Apple are not dropping Haswell support.
  3. I used to have only one which was the main OS called Mojave. Once an update was available then Install Mojave option appeared. It was selected by the system after each reboot while updating and after the progress bar was about 80% it rebooted for the last time and disappeared with the Mojave boot the only option when the update was finished. You have to ask Niresh which of the preboot options should be selected for an update. I had 4 different options on High Sierra and remember that I had to change the boot option manually because the update would start all over again if I kept the same option.
  4. I just googled a free program to do it and the Blackmagic was the best choice. Never heard of the MBBench. I'll try it next time.
  5. Just had a thought. Can you enable a customised boot? I did that and set the boot path to DRIVE/EFI/EFI for the boot loader to look for the .efi boot file. It's possible that the path to the boot file was changed and the boot manager can't find the boot file.
  6. Thanks for the config plist. I'll try that!! Cheers, Pepe
  7. Yes, all fine. The previous updates took a bit long with 5 to 6 reboots but this one was really scary because the updates never froze. Got a 16GB RAM, SSD and proper 3GHz Haswell mobile processor not the ultra voltage version.
  8. It's done now. After a reboot it got stuck again for another 15 minutes. After that a blank screen came up for 5 minutes which was followed by the installation wizard that finished the installation. I have never seen an update like that before on Win or linux.
  9. A bit progress now. After like 15 minutes of idle state the installer started working again but ended soon after with a blank black screen. Seems like it doesn't like my graphics Intel HD 4600 or the 1600x900 resolution.
  10. I prefer a command line over the GUI package manager on linux. Got Mojave installed on the full drive so no other Mac volumes. Never had any issue with updates before on HS or Mojave.
  11. Unfortunately I don't have Clover set to verbose so once I select the installer it goes straight into the usual blank boot screen with the progress bar and stops in a minute with like a 5% done. Today I tried it with laptop off the power cord and the progress bar got stuck at 65%.
  12. Hi guys, Has anyone upgraded to the latest version? I was able to install a command line update but the 14.4 installer gets stuck after a minute. Thx
  13. I uploaded the folder into my files but somehow can't upload it here. https://ufile.io/rk7zy
  14. I installed the Vanilla but followed the laptop guide from Rehabman for my HP laptop. Got the DSDT patches done including the plist that was also downloaded from him. I think Clover from GitHub. There is only the apfs boot option unless the update installer is present which automatically selects the installer for boot. I remember when I had 3 or 4 different options such preboot, prevault or something but it's gone now.
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