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    Update: After a few tries once as a new install I have managed to upgrade my Yosemite install. For some reason the Restore Sierra.pkg would not install onto a PNY 8.1 GB usb so I used a WD MyBook USB HDD. I had some trouble with graphics kexts at first because Yosemite kexts won't work with Sierra. Somehow the 5000 kexts were missing after my first upgrade attempt, but were there after a new install so I gave it another try. This time they were there. I added 068BE to the kext, installed them with Kext Wizard, added kext-dev-mode=1 to startup flags and WOW!!! Sierra runs like a charm. Amazing and Thank YOU very much! Upgraded to 5 Stars!!! So far I have installed Mavericks and then Yosemite on a DG31PR board. Everything is working great. But I am having trouble creating the Sierra install USB. I have tried 2 different Hackintosh without any luck. But, I will keep at it. Very happy otherwise, thanks. Intel DG31PR board (a very good inexpensive board) E7600 CPU (about to change it to an E8600) ATI HD 6750 rebranded to 5770. 4 GB DDR2 800 memory
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