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  1. Tried this, and still receiving dart0 error, even after removing it from bootflags. Any solution? @Niresh
  2. I fixed it by changing boot to UEFI from Legacy.
  3. https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/clover-config-plist-all-new-user-of-clover-plz-read-configuring-clover.112149/ this should help you, just read the whole first page, there are even examples of that config.plist file.
  4. It works as OpenHaltRestart, clearing SLP_SMI_EN at start of OSX system.
  5. Thank you, I made it working week ago, it's great OS, thank you! I am just curious, is there any way how to make iMessage working on NIRESH build of hackintosh?
  6. "Not Found" booting USB Hi, just really wanted OS X, so I downloaded niresh build for this. Everything was downloaded correctly and restored through TransMac. I used fully working flash and put it in my hp elitebook 8570p (AMD 7570HD, i5, Intel internet card, 4gb ram, legacy bios..) in normal USB 2.0 port. I did factory reset of bios settings and checked all options to be correct as niresh have in his guide. I just bought new SSD Adata drive for this too, so I had everything tottaly clean. I just tried to boot into that USB, and I really don't know what the system mesns by "Not Found". TransMac successfully did its job and dmg wasnt corrupted either. I did some photo of exact error, but I doubt someone will know what exactly is this, as I searched internet as much as a I could and didn't find anything. Just hope someone will help me solve this https://i.imgur.com/Stu37gw?r
  7. Didn't try yet, but I have to. I let it run only for 1-2 hours I think. Hope it will work, thanks.
  8. Man, just having this issue with HP EliteBook, what's the real solution? Just to close installation and run it again?
  9. Exactly same issue on my HP EliteBook, any tips?
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