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  1. I got iMessage&face time with make new clover. Thank you.
  2. Yes not activated. This is my smbios
  3. Yes i called to Apple. After that they ask my information and give serial numbers. They checked my serial numbers not match and then I hang up.
  4. Really Thank you very much
  5. Try many things but not work Do you have another way? Please
  6. Thank you Please help me another problem 1. I can't sign in imessage How to fix it 1. I can't use photo how to fix it
  7. I tried to setting boot&smbios in Clover Configurator and then I restart and got guest user How can I delete it. Detail with picture
  8. Thank you very much I need to learn to use macintosh to use it better.
  9. Ok after I installed Sierra. I had install kext wizard internet driver voodoo sound and clover boot loader. That made my computer run smooth. I don't about Chameleon Chimera Multibeast DSDT Graphics Fake SMC etc. How can them make my computer better. If can please advise me to make my computer better.
  10. Very very thank you I got it Hope you will help me another problem Take care
  11. Please help me How do you make clover boot loader in hhd?
  12. Also make sure your EFI partition is formatted as FAT32 (assuming you installed Clover UEFI/EFI) i think so how to fix or new install OS X Sierra
  13. Im not sure How can I check it?
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