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  1. I’m building another hackintosh. I recently built my 2nd custom desktop computer in my life. This computer has asus z170 deluxe, evga gtx 1060 6gb, i7 6700k. So I am installing yosemite on this computer but I am experiencing issues. Yeah I’m aware installing hackintosh can be tricky & tedious. Why won’t my computer boot to Yosemite install? I just get this black screen with messages
  2. I’m aware hackintosh is not perfect. I inserted my 50gb blu ray disc into my LG WH16NS40. Than shortly after I inserted blu ray disc yosemite completely froze. when I go into finder and click on blu ray disc under devices yosemite freezes Did yosemite freeze because the blu ray disc was dirty? I’m not sure what the culprit is? Perhaps it is a bad kext. Where can I find a stable kext for my blu ray drive?
  3. Classic Mac startup sound hackintosh yosemite Is there a way to enable classic mac start up sound in hackintosh yosemite? I tried everything under the sun I still don't hear classic sound so frustrating. I have alc1150 driver kext multibeast asus z97 deluxe
  4. Yosemite Hackintosh 10.10.5 for R9 290 Asus Z97 Is there a yosemite MaconPC 10.10.5 for my machine r9 290 asus z97 deluxe available?
  5. Which version of Yosemite Hackintosh is most stable 10.10.3 or older?
  6. Thank you could you help me with this .raw file as well. Could you read my first post please?
  7. I need help quickly please read! This Yosemite Hackintosh World is a .raw file strange file and I have to copy it to usb drive and set AHCI mode and everything should go smoothly right? I use transmac to copy raw file to usb? I have a ssd and I shrunk the partition for mac os. This Hackintosh world raw should work on mbr partition correct? I keep getting message PCI Configuration Begin when I try to install yosemite on my computer. By the way I have R9 290 gpu and z97 board.
  8. Yosemite Intel Z97 question This Yosemite Hackintosh World for intel pcs is a .raw file and I have to copy it to usb drive and set AHCI mode and setup should go smoothly right? I have a 256gb ssd and I shrunk the partition to 48 gb for mac os. This Hackintosh world should work on hdd with windows and mac correct?
  9. Hackintosh Yosemite help! Ok I think I did something wrong. I booted yosemite from usb and I get this screen. Where is setup screen? Why do I get this screen? Also Is it true Hackintosh won't work on hdd with windows installed first? Honestly I'm little confused right now. Also what is unibeast and multibeast? I'm new to this Hackintosh thing. Here is picture https://i.imgbox.com/kIDV1Ioy.jpg
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