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  1. Plzz some1 help would be appreciated really need mac os right now stuck on this error for weeks google alot but still no help
  2. @skm1991 try to boot with -v npci=0x3000 it worked for me
  3. move nvidia.pkg,audio.pkg hello all, my hardware config is i3-2100,8gb ram motherboard gigabyte h61m-s1 hdd western digital 1tb i have problem with sierra installation it stop at the end when only a minute was remaining it show error move nvidia.pkg i tried to unselect backup graphics extension then the error it show with audio.pkg then i unselect audio also the error showed now was dart 0.i tried using various boot flags like -f -v graphicsenabler=no npci=0x3000 still it stop at the end of installation trying for weeks searched on google still stuck at this even change my pendrive and bought a new one still the same error. i had installed yosemite before it was smooth installation though the internet was not working thank you for helping in advance
  4. thnx for your help bro i got the solution and i have install and start using the mac but there is one problem as i have done the whole process by removing my graphic card which is xfx ati radeon 7750hd so after the mac started working i tried to insert the card and restart.. but boom this time it go to the boot loader and then there is black screen with no error.... :(
  5. I have 2nd generation i3 2100 processor I have tried with -v -x flag but it still get stuck at bluetoothhcicontroller-completed N I have not install my graphic card yet n it have google this there were fix that I have to delete this kext in single user mode..
  6. @ the installation problem is sloved I removed my graphic card and then install it so installation was success but after installation it stuck at apple logo so i tried to boot it with -v flag and it get stocked at Iobluetoothhcicontroller-completed so what should I do..
  7. So I need to format the partion before installation start or while booting in niresh OS I can't get to boot niresh osx I am doing all the steps as mentioned but still no success
  8. @ Nope I am installing on desktop the configuration I have mentioned in og post.. Is there any need I have to format the whole drive n then install osx n then windows 8 or it's possible if I have windows 8 already and now I am trying to installing osx..
  9. Plzzzz someone help me can't get d OS installed someone plzzz give any solution anyone @ plzz help!!! Bro
  10. I think there is no solution to this prob as there are no reply from anyone.. :(
  11. yup i am using usb and .dmg file of 10.9 niresh here are the bios setting and screen after which the error poppped up..
  12. Didn't get u bro I can't reach to the installation screen the error popped up after I select niresh OS
  13. @ Same error I have followed the tutorial still no progress With your commands too still the same error with the above attachment is there something i should do feeling like I will never njoy hackintosh :( It stop at read hfs+file every time..
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