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  1. that works for you, it fires AMD SSE3 for action from yosimite to make over hackintosh hs preparation for pendrive but does not work does not fire because we do not want windows only hackintosh and the other thing you work AMD turion gives you the truth also works in sierra
  2. test signal amd laptop yes signal all hackintosh SSE3 please where kernel
  3. What Yes two npci not done PCI configuration where Save chelemon bootloader
  4. help please kext all fixed or cheleomeon boot plist please fixed http://pl.tinypic.com/r/14v7huq/9
  5. help please kext all fixed or cheleomeon boot plist please fixed
  6. it was going to be a PCI configuration begin does not move what's next and does not walk the disk does not fire well how you get
  7. Kris Rawlings, yes signal run help you install please
  8. just working it was close but the problem is that I do not want to run the problem soti just reptile PCI configuration begin test signal install run what?? AMD turion x2 SSE3 kernels not match_kernel help fixed or update kexts you can me please configuration CLOVER all files help
  9. PCI configuration begin please not signal flags please ASUS TURION X2 UTLRA AMD 4200 kernels please singal please not extres yes kexts signal clover please
  10. SPECS: Asus H61M-K CPU: Intel I3-2120 Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4650 (RV730) Help me signal clovera config.plist patched or kext signal yes singal see me 1GB not mb signal 4710/4650
  11. HOW install Tutorial What is the best way to get a bootloader from a bootloader? What is the best way to boot from a bootloader? clover needs to extract for asus k50ab firing action at kexts and different settingsCPU: AMD TURION X2 DUAL-Core RM-75MEMORY: 4GB RAMGRAPHICS: ATI Radeon HD 4570 (M92)+ RS780M HD 3200SCREEN: 1366x768SUND: VIA VT1708SWIFI: AR9285LAN: RTL8168B/8111B
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