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  1. i make usb flash, but now any help for booting. clover efi i try to specify amdfx kernel but any time it just load mach_kernel instead. I am not familar with clover
  2. hello! is it possible to make usb flash with linux dd tool ? dd if=osx.dmg of=/dev/sdX ?
  3. Hello guys! On this motherboard i cant confirm to sure if usb3 works. I have kext installed, and device manager report me that will work, but when try to use it in legacy mode flash only blinking but system not reading it. Any ideas?
  4. yes i am on amd fx8320 with host operating system 10.9.1 but i told you virtualbox droped theyr support for mac guests on non mac hosts (linux, bsd, windows) Only can on Mac OS X Hosts. And secondary i give you link with complete machines for vmware player, that work excelent on windows and linux hosts.
  5. you can use so many complete vmware virtual machines of os x.VirtualBox droped theyr support for mac guests on non mac host.http://thepiratebay.se/search/os%20x%20vmware/0/99/0
  6. Guys i need help how can setup my multimedia keyboard Delux K9050 with all buttons, and also how can use keyboard shortcuts for basic tasks like delete or move to trash, with command+delete and command+shift+delete (from lions manual) doesn't work. Is there new shortcuts for that?
  7. hello again. So many thanks to Niresh. http://imglink.ru/pictures/23-12-13/6e5e85f416f2d29ca04f16665d032633.jpg this is my mackintosh so what about update from App Store because now it want to reboot and install 10.9.1 is it safe or not ?
  8. i have niresh 10.9 on usb i type amdfx on installation screen and tryed with -f GraphicsEnabler=No but when desktop starting display turn of because of no signal.. i think this is releated to DVI-I to VGA adaptor.. And cannot continue.. Also i tryed with old HD4670 card with VGA output so OS X work, but stay only on grey screen and cant continue with post install settings e.g. create user setup keyboard country language network and etc and etc.. My question is how to get work with this fu**ing adaptor, to not lose signal..
  9. Install success now, boot success, but... during boot i see grey screen with apple logo, when desktop appear to be started display reported no signal. DVI-I to VGA adaptor HD 5770 Ideas for this? Or must buy new one dvi to dvi cable ?
  10. Hello again! So finally i have working installation, but for me comes hard times.. I plug monitor thoug DVI to VGA adaptor and display go sleep when hackintosh initiallize VGA and start up display. How can make it work? Any boot options for that?
  11. i tryed this but doesn't work.. except that without cpus option.
  12. all the thinks that comes after boot is... setting legacy usb off on controller [1002:4396] at 00:12.2 Legacy USB Off Done Ideas ?
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