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  1. I can boot with the card in with a -x flag and get the following:
  2. Hi Aman, With the card taking out and using thoses flags the system boots How do I go about installing the correct kext for my card??
  3. Yeah my SSD is the only other drive installed The only way I can get the system to boot with the graphics card installed is by running -v -x
  4. I installed Chimera via Multibeast on the SSD drive However, when I reboot without the usb inserted I get the following: boot0: GPT boot0: GPT boot0: error
  5. No joy with that either. What I did do was pull the graphics card out and booted with -v -x and installed Multibeast. Now when I boot im getting a Boot0 error How do I solve this??
  6. No, it just hangs there. I left it for about an hour
  7. Im currently stuck on the apple logo. When I boot with a -v flag I get to the following: Any help getting past this would be great! GA-Z87N-WIFI Motherboard Intel Core 15 4670K 3.40Ghz 6m Haswell CPU NVIDIA geFOrce GTX 76 8Gb Ram
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