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  1. @Devonic i dont have a wifi card, i use cable internet, i have PC not laptop, but it doesnot work Also when i open my mac i always have to write -v PCIRootUID=1 UseKernelCache=No And after i write it, behind my computer the lights of internet (from internet card pc) are switching off. If i dont write that, apple logo appears, and after a gray background, and the lights of internet are on.
  2. I still dont have internet, tried to install everything but for nothing Please help me.
  3. @ i have a website with indian movies, i have 5000 unique visitors per day, and the website is romanian (moldovian). We translate the movies and tv series from indian to english, I love india My avatar is with Jennifer Winget (indian)... Thank you very much.
  4. @ Thank you very much, without you i would be without mac now Thanx a lot, you are from India?
  5. @ From mac i have to download it? If i dont have internet how i will download it :-?
  6. From mac i have to download it? If i dont have internet how i will download it :-?
  7. @ wow the os started and it works but another problem There is no internet, Aman thanx very much for help, from where you now so much ?
  8. I wrote, and after , many lines appeared, somethink with kb... After a black screen came and again something it was loading, It stopped on BluetoothCi and after the gray screen came out again :-?
  9. If i dont press the apple logo come out , it loads, the screen turns off and after The screen is gray and it stops there.
  10. Yes, so i press any button and the drives come out and after? I couldn understand...
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