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  1. Successfully installed Mojave on my laptop. No problems whatsoever. Everything is working except wifi (which by the way is intel and not supported). Thanks for great guide :) specs: core i7 7700HQ 16GB Ram dual graphics intel hd6300 and Nvidia 1060 6GB motherboard clivo ha71hx (intel 175) Rtc892 laptop audio
    Thanks niresh! Got fully working hack on my laptop. Only problem is that OS X Installer thing keep running running and running.... Any solution Clevo pa70hs Intel core i7 7700hq, 6gb gfx1060, 16gb ram, realtek hd sound. Almost everything working. Thanks again
  2. Hello. Got high sierrra fully working on my laptop but after installing I am getting endless notifications like Rebuilding cache Fixings permissions Keeps opening safari etc All coming from OS X installer app Tried to find it but can't. Any help how to get rid of it? Many thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, First of all thank you for beinng a very supportive and helpful. Thanks to this site alone i am able to run almost all. OS of Mac on my laptop. Thanks Problem is i am never ever able to boot from Clover bootloader. Every other bootloader works for me easy pezy. Here are some details of hardware. Packard bell easy note tk87 Core i3 processor, built-in hd graphics (work on almost all mac os versions), Any help guide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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