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    Dear Hackintosh Expert, I had download a Yosemite-zone.dmg and restore it into an USB by transmac and make it bootable in most PC desktop. I installed it into a Lenovo M57 desktop amd it works fine.(Sound card, video, LAN Card & even USB WiFi card) I then try to install it into my new laptop and the nightmare had started. First the laptop cannot boot the usb drive that work in any desktop. Next I get a bootable DVD and try to install Yosemite-zone by a usb DVD ROM, it start up in -v and pass through all the wording on screen and stop in a blank screen or in GUI mode stop in the Hackintosh logo screen. My laptop configuration is: dere D3 notebook (China bland) Intel Celeron J1900 @ 1.99GHz Quad core System board : Intel Bay Trail-M/D Video : Intel HD Graphics RAM : 4 GB Hard Drive : Faspeed K5-60G SSD Sound Card : ALC269 @ Intel VallyView High Definition Audio Controller LAN Card : RTL810x/8139 Family Fast Ethernet NIC Hope someone may help.
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