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  1. I just did a complete erase of the HDD and reinstalled, it's working somewhat now. I noticed the installer is bugged where it won't let you select just 1 item without automatically checking all the check boxes. Mostly everything works except Ethernet, ethernet worked in High Sierra with the distro from AMD OSX. Probably just need to do a clean HS install and then upgrade.
  2. I can boot the installer and install to HDD but when I attempt to boot for the first time, it instantly restarts like there was a kernel panic. Is there anything extra I need to do after installing this to make it boot. I can boot the installer with the npci=0x2000 flag added to the other options but not the actual installation. Do I have to run any kind of post-install scripts to copy the AMD kernel or specify the AMD kernel from Clover?
  3. Same issue on my Dell Inspiron 5675 Ryzen... I too have an Insyde Bios.
    It worked on my existing install of TransMac.
  4. I have tested the installer on a Dell Inspiron N5110 and it works on that computer fine. As for having 2 monitors, No. I don't have 2 monitors on this laptop.
  5. I still haven't been able to solve this problem.
  6. I can't get to the bootloader at all.
  7. USB boots to black screen I have an HP 17-x044ds with Intel Pentium N3710 (Braswell) with Intel HD Graphics 405, Realtek High Definition Audio, 2TB ST2000LM003 HN-M201RAD Seagate HDD, Insyde F.26 UEFI BIOS dated 6/5/2017, Intel Dual Band AC 3165, Realtek Ethernet, 1x8GB Stick of DDR3 A-Data ram. I created the Sierra Zone installer using TransMac. When I try to boot off the usb drive it just boots to a black screen and nothing happens, no errors, no blinking underscore, no flash drive activity. If I CTRL-ALT-DEL it does nothing but if I press the power button it shuts down. I tried booting it in legacy mode and it just reboots. I looked in the BIOS settings and the only option in there I can disable would be virtualization. So what is the issue?
  8. The sleep issue seems to be related to the USB drive not being re-mounted when the laptop comes out of sleep. Is it possible to install Yosemite Zone onto a hard drive with an existing windows 10 install? How would I go about getting the boot loader to work and not kill my windows install?
  9. I need to know your machine model, processor and graphics card. I found your post on TonyMacX86, if they find you are using a distro like the ones on this site you will be banned from tonymacx86.
  10. Scrolling on ALPs touchpad So I installed Yosemite Zone on a Dell Inspiron N5110 with Core i3 2350M and Intel Graphics 3000, here's the thing, I had Windows 10 currently installed, and I didn't want to loose any data if something went wrong, so you know what I did? Installed Yosemite to a flash drive! It's not as slow as I thought it would be! It seems like the longer it runs the faster it gets. It's a SanDisk Cruzer Glide 64GB. Almost everything seems to work, even the WiFi works flawlessly, in Windows it constantly dropped connection and I couldn't join my network from my living room but with macOS it works great. I removed the Intel N-1030 because it was complete and utter junk and put in an Atheros card, 9280 I think (Thats what Sys Profiler says so I'll go with it :D). The touchpad works but it does not scroll, I have tried other Voodoo kexts but they seem to make the keyboard and touchpad quit functioning. It says "No touchpad found" under "Touchpad" in System Preferences. Sleep is buggy, it goes to sleep and wakes up but nothing seems to open and all I get is the beach ball, and when I close the lid it doesn't sleep. Display brightness is also another thing that doesn't work. If I can get those things working I may just backup the internal drive and install macOS and see if I can get dual-boot to work. If you need anymore info please ask!
  11. Did you get scrolling working with ALPS touchpad?
  12. I have an Inspiron N5110 with the i3 2350m and I got my graphics working with GraphicsEnabler=Yes bootflag. Did you get scrolling working with the touchpad?
  13. I keep getting a Kernel Panic but it reboots before I can read it -.- I was getting one about ACPI driver missing but now I am getting something about AppleUSB but It reboots and I can't get a picture of it.
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