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  1. Does your Bios has an option for disabling/enabling VT-x? That could cause the problem but i'm not sure
  2. okay thanks for your help Deepak and Aman
  3. should i try an older version of Niresh distro ?
  4. the bios has no option for it but it's disabled by default
  5. ElltioForceLegacyRTC isn't present
  6. the kernel panic happens when i want to boot my Mavericks usb stick so i can't even install it and would my Broadcom 4311AG work?
  7. the laptop has no battery i would have to buy one could that be the problem? that it can't run without a battery?
  8. that didn't work too and ATI Xpress 1150 is unsupported yes?
  9. can you please explain it to me a bit im very new to this oh and i mean i can't get to the installer (starting from usb) part because it halts after that pci configuration process
  10. i've tried everything but nothing works and by default settings you mean config=Default?
  11. it doesn't even boot i mean thats the error message when i try booting from usb this image should help a bit
  12. Hello there so I boot up from my Niresh Mavericks USB Stick on my HP NX6325. I booted the AMD64 kernel and i'm getting a kernel panic i hope this is enough information Kernel Extensions in backtrace: org.tgwbd.driver.ElliottForceLegacyRTC(1.0) dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOACPIFAMILY(1.4) i hope thats enough. is there a fix for that? single user mode doesn't work i tried it specs: ram: 2,5 gb processor: AMD Mobile Sempron 3500+
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