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    Now recognized my sound card, but just no sound. The microphone worked.
  2. Hello i use this http://www.filedropper.com/radeon6770yosemite and Chameleon bootloader. I hope that works you too
  3. eteabo


    I have a Gigabyte GA-Z97 motherboard. I installed Yosemite 10.10.1 and after installed multibeast with ALC1150 but i have not sound device
  4. In my case not working after update too.
  5. It is interesting. Thank you for the informaiton. I will try this method on weekend. Which bootloader use?
  6. I didnt do special things. Only installed yosemite and chameleon. After use multibeast and installed hd6770 driver and working everything, except popping.
  7. I have the 10.10.1 with Gigabyte GA-Z97-DH3 motherboard. I tried many times, because in my case not show Audio device too. Later i used the multibeast and found sound device,. Only the front speakers sound popping. Once worked correct but next restart continue the popping.
  8. But in my case the sounf od front speakers popping. The rear speakers+center+and sub working normally
  9. I have alc1150 too. Use latest multibeast and check alc1150 driver and uefi in the Audio menu
  10. I have Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H motherboard. I installed Yosemite and multibeast. Yosemite recognize the sound card, but on two front speaker the sound very noisy. The front, sub and rear speakers ok.
  11. I had a working Yosemite DP1. Worked the sound, HD6770 video card, sleep/wake, etc. etc.. I installed the DP2 update and the video card not working. Have any idea, why?
  12. In my case worked clover with HPET fix and IntelGFX fix options. Try ForceHPET=No flag.
  13. Hello! I have an GA41-Mt-D3 motherboard with integrated Audio card with 3 connectors. On Windows: Pink - Center/Sub Green - Front Speakers Blue - Rear Speakers On Mavricks in Audio MIDI Setup: Built-In Input - Red Built-In Line In - Black Built-In Out - Blue (Sound on Front Speakers) Built-In Line Out - Lighter Green (No Sound) Built-In Line Out - Darker Green (No Sound) Built-In Digital Out - Yellow How can I change it that i have Pink and Blue are on Built-In Line Out and i have sound on Rear Speakers and Center/Sub? I have now the original AppleHDA.kext what the Niresh Mavericks installed. I tried many ALC887/888 Kexts, but or i have not audo device, or sound on only Front Speakers.
  14. Hello! I need a little help. I have an 1GB Sapphire HD6770. I installed Niresh Mavericks, but my graphics card not working. The info show only 3MB memory, and the resolution 1024x768. I tried install kext, but still not working. Please help. Thank You
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