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  1. Hi i come back to continue because some personal problems didnt let me time.... about bluetooth system doens ask for it because i had remove the kext of it. any other idea????????? tks
  2. Also in org chameleon boot list by default is flag npci=0x2000. I change with flag npci=0x3000 and when i did restart in normal mode i had kernel panic but with -x i edit again the flag npci=0x2000 and pc it works as before (normal boot stays and trying in "apple", -x boot works)
  3. thanks once more for trying to help me Pc with - x it works, also with -v it gives me everything as before without the last line, as i had written before, means without bluethooth because if you remember i had moved to trash the bluetooth kext Another thing. What do you say to edit the play list of booter chameleon in extra directory and if you agree give me the string or strings and where i will put it. tks
  4. I am here again and trying.. I just tried to boot in nomal mode with "UsekernelCasche=No" but nothing For your information, in the beginning before start the installation of Mavericks i show the guide section and i followed the instructions for Bios. Now let me know, because I didnt before, how i will write and in which boot (boot or boot without caches) the string....
  5. thanks for informations, tommorow i will continue.. Just i want to say that i installed in another pc in the past Niresh 10.8 and it works until today without any problem. This is the reason that i want to fix the mavericks in my new pc because i trust Niresh installation.
  6. I Tried to boot as Devonic said with USBBusFix=Yes but result same I Tried to boot as Aman Said 3 times with PCIRootUID=1 , PCIRootUID= 0 and -v UseKernelCache=no but result same
  7. when i boot with -v it arrived in the line before the last line as it is in my reports attachment before that means because i removed the bluetooth kext it doen not ask it. As i understand the problem could be from cpu.. Must put a kext which could work!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I tried with Kext as you gave me but the result is the same does not continue in the normal mode stay in "Apple" and try but nothing more. Safe Boot its ok as before Any othe idea?
  9. And let me know if it is possible to remove kext with bluetooth (where is it (full path) and how i will do it) tks
  10. And let me know if it is possible to remove kext with bluetooth (where is it (full path) and how i will do it) tks
  11. Firt of all thanks for quick answer. Let me know where i will put the kext in which directory (full path) and how i mean just copy or with for instance kext wizard
  12. For Moderator Devonic i attached the file which asked me and for the member Aman i give you the last ten lines before stuck. As you will see the system tries to find bluetooth controller but there is not any bluetooth controller on the mainboard!! Both Reports there are in reports.zip attachment. tks for help Reports.zip
  13. Thanks for attention I will give you the information on Monday because the pc with mavericks I have it in my office.
  14. Hi to All This is my first post in this forum. Iam not expert with MAC OS x just i trying. I have the motherboard MSI Z77A-G43 with CPU Intel Core i5-3470 3.20 Ghz. Motherboard has compatible Intel HD Graphics, Realtek PCIe GBE Family controller (ethernet) and sound a) intel dispaly Audio Realtek High Definion Audio I installed Mavericks OS X 10.9.0 as Niresh instructions. When PC starts to pick up the Operational System but remains on apple...... If i will use the parameter -x Mavericks open but in safe boot. Is there any idea what i must do? tks for any attention
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