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  1. I tried but Alt+Space giving search option and while typing System Information it is searching in Dictionary. No System Information window appearing.
  2. https://www.mediafire.com/?lut2p566gibkiwz System information got from windows. Will try to get it from osx. The problem is I dont have any way to copy the saved files into any usb for sending.
  3. USB mouse it is plugged in. but not working... USB flash drives are also not working. But I can see the bootable flash.
  4. @Devonic Booted with -x GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=Yes option but still mouse is not detecting. May be the modules that I installed is wrong. Is there any help for selecting the modules while installing...
  5. Is there any way to know the BIOS permit or not. if support which one you recommend.
  6. I tried usb mouse but it is also not detecting. I'm booting on safe mode. ie, -x GraphicsEnabler=No You mean replace wifi card on my laptop? will i get an alternate one?
  7. Thanks @ and @Devonic for your help, I think it is not possible to continue with Maverick without wireless. And I'm not able to install the above mentioned package without having mouse control, because I'm new to mac. Really appreciate your help, thanks again.
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