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  1. I have the same problem.... Hahahajha. Same same not... Sorry hahajajaja. Bud my keyboard need 40 segs to run in apple login screen. Its the same problem hahajajaja. Not the same machine or time for boot hahahahaha
  2. I get the osx-mavericks.dmg. Bud when the volumen us open its just a image with a airbook. Dont have install or something
  3. Have this other one. (Black). Atheros ar5b95 atheros ar5b95-h
  4. Now have the white card plugged. Try with the other (black) or try direct to update from apple store update to mavericks?
  5. Perfecct! Now run. Airport its open and detect wireless bud when try to connect to a wifi with password : error connection. I try with a orange router and the iphone option wifi share and try to android phone with wifi share without password. Connect bud not open webs
  6. Its no problem for me to changes the wifi adapter. Need this for run airport and maybe kissmac sometimes. Have a last question. When changes the wifi need install some kext or driver or just press add device in control panel area?
  7. Founded one ar5b95 and other ar5b97. Its compatible?
  8. Thank you so much for the info and sorry for the post. Now search the hardware and have other question. When connect need install something or only press add device in panel control
  9. Hii. Have a acer aspire 5749 with niresh 10.8.5 installed bud dont work the wireless card. Its a Intel Centrino Wireless N 100 and dont see kexts or drivers on the web. Have 2 intel and one atheros (notebook cards) bud are most big (see pictures). Any idea for a driver/kext for the N 100?? Maybe buy in internet other wireless card bud need help for this
  10. Salu2 mañaneros. Estoy intentando instalar bien el niresh y me estoy volviendo loco. Consegui hacerlo funcionar bien pero me habia equivocado en el formato de la particion (mayusculas y minusculas) no me dejaba instalar el photoshop. Ahora no doy con los pasos que hice.
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