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  1. Since installing High Sierra onto my Toshiba Satellite L750 just over a week ago, I'm getting very worried about the lack of Apple support, meaning that some very important apps require at least Mac OS V10.14, although I've only got V10.13. So far this has happened to me with the apps Pages, Numbers, and XCode. I was blocked from even downloading Pages and Numbers from the App Store, but I downloaded XCode in versions 6.0.1 and 11 from somewhere else. There were versions of these for High Sierra, which now seem to have been deleted by Apple to extort even more money by trying to force Mac owners to buy a new Mac. I've had a good look round for sources where I can download compatible versions, but not found any. An alternative was described somewhere on the website www.codewithchris.com where there was an explanation of how to edit the info.plist files in the app Xcode to the version of the OS that you're using, but although I edited and saved those files, then rebooted, neither version of Xcode would run. . What should I do now? I'm considering trying to install Mojave, but I don't think it will work without a UEFI BIOS.
  2. This post about non UEFI BIOS and Chameleon installer is news to me! I've already installed High Sierra onto my Toshiba Satellite L750 laptop, 3-4 days ago, but no bootloader has been installed. I've trid to install Clover lots of times, but after getting a message that it's been installed, I restart and find I still can't boot up without the Installer USB being plugged in. How can I install Chameleon bootloader?
  3. I installed Mac OS mainly because I was sick of the lack oft commercial support for Linux, which I still use on my other laptop. Unfortunately, one of my first attempts to run a cheap game from the App Store has failed! This game is called "Space Age", is a retro style sci fi adventure and that's really all I know about it, because it crashes before displaying anything each time I try to run it! The game requirements are Mac OS 10.9 or later and a 64 bit CPU. My Toshiba Satellite L750 laptop is obviously running High Sierra, which is later than 10.9 and has an Intel Core i5 64 bit CPU. What else do I need? There was a very long error report, but I don't know if I'm allowed to post it here.
  4. There was a simple solution. I just adjusted the brightness. Unfortunately, this isn't all that easy using the standard Mac OS settings, so I downloaded an app called Brightness Slider.
  5. I installed High Sierra yesterday and today I've been continuing to set things up. Today I installed Eddie UI from www.airvpn.org , which is the VPN I've been subscribed to for some time now. The software Eddie UI is supposed to be just a GUI for OpenVPN and I've used this on Linux a lot in the past. This particular version seems to be "portable" not just for Mac OS. Unfortunately, I found that I couldn't get it to connect to any recommended servers. It just kept performing latency tests, then disconnecting and trying to connect to another server. This has also sometimes happened under Linux, though. Apart from this, while using Eddie UI my Hackintosh suddenly turned off a few times! It happened quite suddenly, the same as if the battery and mains power cable had both been removed. After all this, I had a break from trying to use Eddie UI then visited some websites. After that, I tried to use Eddie UI again, but had no luck. I then found that my Internet connection wasn't working. I tried turning my WiFi on and off, as well as rebooting, my Hackintosh and my WiFi router, as well as examining my network settings but nothing I tried succeeded in unblocking my Internet connection. I have even deleted Eddie UI,, as well as the ZIP file II downloaded, but somehow my connection is blocked, although at the top right had corner of my screen the WiFi indicator is on, shows it's connected to my own home WiFi network and shows a list of other WiFi networks nearby. Both my Android phone and another laptop running Linux can connect to this and load websites in a few seconds. The settings in my network manager are confusing, but they were working before I installed Eddie UI. It thinks that my WiFI network is called Ethernet. How can I unblock my WiFi connection? Obviously I'll try asking AirVPN as well.
  6. I'm afraid that I soon found out I had to boot using the USB stick to select the right disk. I've tried and failed to install Clover! How can I install Clover? Could I install GRUB instead?
  7. Several hours ago, I installed High Sierra, but although I've been configuring it bz setting up the WiFi and it has been configuring itself a lot, whenever I try to play and videos, the screen flickers and flashes so badly that I can|t watch them! How can I solve this problem?
  8. Problem solved! I clicked on the Installer USB, found a Kext files called something like Network and that sorted it out.
  9. I'm afraid there was no way I could find of booting up the OS. After that, I decided to try High Sierra, which is now working and connect4d by WiFi, but I can't play videos set, because the screen keeps flickering like mad!
  10. I installed High Sierra within the last hour. As I configured my Mac, I had an Ethernet cable plugged in. This worked earlier today when setting up Mavericks on the same laptop (Toshiba Satellite L750) with the same router connected to the ISP TalkTalk, but with High Sierra it didn't detect my Ethernet or internal WiFi, or even a USB WiFi adaptor! The Mac Network program can~t detect anything either. What can I do now?
  11. I typed "date 0924000018" after a message sazing it couldn't be installed After waiting about 32 minutes for the installation to finish, it froze, then I had to press thee power button. When I turned it on again, all I got was the following messages on a text screen... boot0: GPT boot0: GPT boot0: error What does this mean?
  12. OK, I'll try High Sierra, but I'm not sure it's compatible with my Toshiba Satellite L750 non UEFI BIOS laptop. It looks like I'll have to find out the hard way!
  13. I've recently had a lot of problem trying to install Sierra onto my Toshiba Satellite L750 laptop. According to what I read on this site, Sierra seemed to be compatible with it, but I found I couldn't install it. The laptop specs are Intel Core i5 2nd Gen CPU with onboard graphics, non UEFI BIOS 4Gb RAM and 500Gb hard drive. After wait about 18-20 minutes going through the installation process it said there were no packages eligible to install on my computer. I found a topic about this already on the forum, then posted and got a reply telling me to first open a terminal and type "date 0924000018". I did this, then it went into the installation process, which took about 18 minutes, before displaying the message ~Undefined error Code 0". Obviously, this gives no clue to what has gone wrong. Finally, I decided to try installing Mavericks instead. This actually worked! Unfortunately, various apps I tried to download from the Apps store said they required at least Mac OS V10.10, then it was only after a good night's sleep that I consulted a list of Mac OS/OSX versions and found out that Mavericks is actually older than Yosemite which I've had installed on this same laptop in the past. Unfortunately, I found that Yosemite usually booted up into a lo res graphics mode, so that's why I gave up using Mac OSX. What should I do now?
  14. Thanks! It went through the installation, taking about 20 minutes, but at the end of that I got the error message "Undefined Error Code 0"! A fat lot of good that is. After that, I rebooted and found out it had installed some kind of base system, with various options available from a boot screen, but of course none off them would boot into Sierra After that, I spent some time installing Mavericks, which is now working! Unfortunately, lots of apps said they required at least OSX 10.10. After a good night's sleep I read a list o Mac OS/OSX versions, then realised that Mavericks is older than Yosemite, which I managed to install in 2016! Unfortunately, Yosemite kept booting into a lo res mode. now plan to try and insttall El Capitan. I'll post about that in the El Capitan forum.
  15. I'm getting that too. Obviously, this means that Mac OS has found something which isn 't on a real Mac, or that your PC is too old and unsupported. I think that first of all you need to describe your computer hardware and BIOS setup. I've tried to install on two Toshiba Satellite laptops. One of these is a Toshiba Satellite L750 with Intel Core i5 (2nd gen), 4Gb RAM, non UEFI BIOS and a 500Gb hard drive. This drive contains GRUB bootloader, Linux Mint, Salient OS (Arch Linux) and a partition I've formatted using the Disk Utility for Mac OS with Niresh Sierra. The other laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50 with Intel Core i5 (4th gen), 6Gb RAM, UEFI BIOS, and a 500gB hard drive. This hard drive contains GRUB bootloader, KDE Neon Linux, Elementary OS Linux, and a 75Gb partition I'v formatted as a Mac format from the Disk Utility. This laptop shows a different boot menu when I boot with UEFI turned on. This boot menu contains Clover, but when I try to boot from Clover nothing happens. Both of these laptops have previously containjed Windows 10.Each hard drive has a small partition reserved for the system. Is this what's causing the trouble? If so, what an I do?
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