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  1. Hi ! So, i've been installed OSX Mavericks 10.9.0 successfully under my laptop's system requirements below So far, everything works flawlessly : iMessage and iCloud. But, i've still unable to resolve about Facetime's black screen issue. But in my device info, the FaceTime HD ( Built-in ) was added since i installed AnyiSight kexts. Still. It doesn't work and i believe there might be something i missed or there are some kexts that i need to remove from S/L/E. But, i'm too aware in deleting kexts since i ever face several KP's and Mac OS Version Not Yet Set issue that were totally sucks. So, i came here and hopefully there will be several resolves that can help me out Thank you. Looking forward for some resolving replies P/S : Oh, and anyway if you're an Asus A43SJ users that need full tutorial in installing OSX, here's my tutorial : https://www.maconpc.com/topic/382-successful-asus-a43sj-laptop-1085/
  2. Hello. It's been a while, missing this forum so badly. Alright, i wanna ask something about Mavericks, especially SLEEP MODE that doesn't work since i install SleepEnabler kext many months ago. When the first install success, it works but as far as i remember, i installed EvoReboot and SleepEnabler kexts, then it doesn't work. Is it because of the SleepEnabler kext which overwrite the Hackintosh sleep system built-in? or maybe there's something i missed. The problem is just the sleep mode. I really appreciate your responds Thank you.
  3. Well that's normal. Sometimes clover boot won't do, so you need to use the chameleon boot loader by OSX 10.8.5 How to do that? Well, you download the 10.8.5 iso then mount it to a DVD-RW, then plug your mavericks usb ( that have been mounted to a 8 GB USB ) together with the DVD, and you'll see your USB name on the booting list
  4. 1. Depends on how your system, if it's fully compatible then you'll get less issues. Give it a try 2. Okay, that's fine so you still have your windows OS 3. Yes, Niresh haven't release the .iso one. Well, it's an original file that you must mount it into a 8 GB of USB, not a DVD-RW or DVD-R the tutorial is in this link, really works : ( thanks to @Deepak )
  5. this issues reminded me of 10.7.3 well, based on my experience, this was caused by how you customised the installation before choosing the drive installation location for the OSX. Remember when you're being told to choose the drive installation location after do some partitioning using Disk Utility?, there's a little box on the left-bottom corner of the drive installation choice box, you click that and there, you HAVE to make sure that you don't tick them all, since it's not that need for all to be ticked. If you're laptop VGA are already supported for hackintoshing, that you need to tick graphics enabler but don't tick the AMD or Nvidia ( if it's fully supported like mine ). Then for the other options, you might wanna see in some forums like Tonymacx86, Niresh12495, Macbreaker, and many more for the choices. And for the other customisation like apps and so, don't tick it ( i did it ), they will do it for your system really soon after you finish the installation process and booted normally. P/S : What are your system specs? Regards
  6. it seems that your problem is about the network disconnection and connection which sometimes appears, and sometimes not, correct? i believe that was caused by the kexts which are not fully supported by your network card ( pardon for the mistakes ). In my Hackintosh, i don't have to do Apple Store update to get the max res.screen. Probably you wanna install the Atheros kext by using multi beast, and if it doesn't work, then try to search IO80211family.kext which supporting the 10.8x ( including 10.8.5 for sure ) and install it using kext wizard or kext utility, reboot and your network ( wi - fi ) won't become any problem at all, and you don't have to update from the Appstore. Anyway, what are your system specs?
  7. Alright i'll explain it, and make sure you read this carefully. If you decide to do hackintoshing, first you need to backup the entire data in your drive to an external one. Then, you need to make a decision, whether you want to do Pre-Test installation, or Fresh installation. Pre-Test means, you don't use the main drive ( C: volume ) for the installation. instead of it, you used the other drive volumes ( just like D: or E: , etc ) How do you choose it?, well it depends on you. If you want less-issues, you can do pre-test to ensure whether the distro works or not, but if you're ready to face any issues without any backup OS ( you can use vmware, parallel desktop, or any other viral softwares to install windows for the backup guide ), then Fresh-install might be the one for you to choose Okay, based on your system specifications, they're all ready and good to go. Download the Niresh's distro. ISO : mount it to DVD ( i recommend DVD-RW ), then do normal install by using -v ( as the boot flag in the first boot options ) DMG : you have to restore the dmg file ( for example : mavericks.dmg ) to a 8GB USB ( if you have more than 8 GB, no problem at all ) Have some try first ! Regards
  8. Well you have to make sure to backup your datas before partitioning the drives. What is your system specs?
  9. it's automatically overwrited by the new one
  10. what kind of boot loader did you use? clover or chameleon?
  11. Today, i have a good news for them who use the same laptop as mine, Asus A43SJ. Yep, i've finally able to install Mavericks OS X 10.9.0 with only single minor issues, it's about my trackpad which still unrecognised, but overall, it works like charm and awesome !. Thank you, Niresh and the other senpai who've managed to guide me this far
  12. Installing kext using kext utility and dsdt into extra folder, right?
  13. Hello. I was succeded to install Niresh Mavericks on Asus A43SJ with the system specs such as below :Nvidia GT520M 1GB8 GB of RAMIntel Core i3 2330M 2.2 gHzBut the problem is, my laptop trackpad won't work and also the Wi-Fi. But my keyboard was working as usual, and i use wireless mouse. Please help me to solve these two problems :(How to fix 'em? Thank you
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