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  1. HA! "It's seriously an argument over nothing" couldnt agree with you more. I actually never knew the GPU was soldered to the board, and knowing is half the battle G.I. JOE! sorry couldnt resist. I myself would (like you) rather have more control over the Laptop for the same reason. Maverick nor Yosemite hasnt been installed on my system for a while. I hardly have the time to beat a dead horse. I'll make one final attempt before throwing in the towel-likely on the weekend. I'll update my progress Monday to anyone else reading this. wow, the supposed greatest player playing the game today Labron James just turned over the ball with 7 seconds left down by 2 smh... Times like this make me think of the overated Kobi. Watch him play, and ask yourself "should he had missed that shot?" Players get paid way to much to be playing poorly in my opinion. Anyways This is your opinionated illiterate childish kid signing out! Peeeace dad! see you Monday P.S. Mom said get some milk.
  2. Correcting my spelling.. smh.. and yours "I know if you press "Fn+F5" on mine with will allow me to switch between the dedicated and integrated". It's "witch" not "with" buddy, Just saying. Your far from perfect yourself bud, you seem to have issues forming complete sentences. you want to go on, and on blah blah blah about how childish, and how unproffesional I am saying you dont want to argue with someone who calls another names. Yet you do just that... lol its almost comical, telling me to get over something like theres something to get over. Your a silly man. You yourself admitted your a liar by accusing me I contacted you, and realizing your mistake in your false claim that you posted your R5 specs. Mad? Why the H.E. double hocky sticks would I be mad Taylor? Im actually happy for you that its working for you, honestly I am. The fact that you admitted that you were wrong. I'll withdraw my Liar statement and just sum it up with you having poor communication skills, (something you more or less admitted to) and a bad memory. Alzheimer's is a serious problem for some so knowing that. Its all good Taylor. No worries.. we are BBF's! as far as im concerned. WooSaahh! Back on topic. You having full monitor support (with acceleration im assuming) is good to know. Basically, our CPU's dont support 120hz displays. The Fn+F5 option isnt available to the 3D models for this reason. Unfortunately my OSX nerd MOJO isnt strong enough to figure out how to get Yosemite with acceleration support on the 3d montior. Yosimite refuses to boot the monitor even with HDMI plugged in. The only way to boot is without the nvidia kext loaded. Also when booting from the cpu the monitor is left with 2 lines, witch obviously is due from the lack of 120hz support. I was planning on getting the asus rog g751jy for its 980m but knowing for sure that the alienware 17 R5 can support Yosemite, I may try waiting till Dell updates its card. Thanks for the support you have provided in helping others though.
  3. -It would seem i struck a nerve with Talyor, replying the following day. Mr 13 day M.I.A- Lets go over what Taylor just typed ignoring his blah,blah,blahs of what he thinks of me. I hate to bust your delusional bubble but (noob alert) telling you have a "Alienwares R5" isnt telling its specs. Finding you on skype? dude seriously? why the H.E double hocky sticks would i look for you outside this site? I dont know what your smoking but you may want to put it down. (noob alert 2) Telling me to make sure to disable my gpu? it just shows you dont even know your own R5 (it cant be disabled). So in your world All Hackintosh iMAC config files are made the same assuring me it wont be different from yours, and you call me a 2 year old.. smh... You talk about respect, and would tell me how to act last i checked your not my daddy-are you? because if you are im getting payed! child support! . I just think your a liar, get over it bud, theres really no need to get your panties in a uproar. If you dont want to help the hackintosh community then dont help. I had made a youtube video posting a guide on how to install OSX Mavericks on our R5's. Im the one that Bill is referring to. I took it down till I can figure out how to get the video working, then i was going to do a full guide. I'd even still help you in hopes that it could help someone else. Anyways theres way to many hot women in the world to be getting bothered over what 1 person says, and thinks. I'll just try figuring out things myself. Then post a "Real" Alienware R5 Guide. Peace. And Stop Lying! >:<
  4. -13 days later- After asking Taylor for his config file, he is M.I.A. And i think the reason for this is he is quite frankly - Full of Sh## or shady to say the least. Making false claims that he has his Alienware R5 working yet providing the easiest kext-proves nothing. Without main monitor support its pretty pointless in my opinion to even have a hackintosh build. with no acceleration things move laggy, and just isnt worth the effort. So for anyone reading this, keep in mind Taylor is a lier. "The Alienwares 17 R5's" monitor cant be natively supported because we have no control in making our Nvidia cards our monitors main display. instead, OSX initially looks at our CPU as its main. Its why we get black screens with HMDI out because its using our CPU, and not GPU. And with Mavericks when we do have native support for our monitors with Bills kexts he provided, having the HDMI plugged in then removing it, youll notice the screen flickers with the first boot this is because as i said the CPU is being initiallized first. Its a flaw design with the alienwares 17 why we cant make our nvidia cards second or first to the CPU. Its why you havent seen "REAL" proof that it works for our system because sad to say, it doesnt. Its even worse with 3D displays because the CPU doesnt support 120hz, only 60. Best bet in my opinion is to get another notebook.
  5. your kext provide support for BT and wifi but thats been something I been had figured out. I always had issues with the video card. pretty much everything else is easy to get. Anyways, please send me your config file if you dont mind and knowing your Alienware R5 stats would help out. Thanks
  6. I used the original unmodified Mavericks App to do the install as you said to do. I then booted with no problems what so ever. then I installed the kext you provided and it then booted with the PCI configuration error every boot. I used flags to get past that but still your kext do nothing at all. What are the stats of your R5? because i shouldnt be having so many issues. Can you send me your config file? Im realy at a loss. And yes, It is set up as a "iMac" as you said to do.
  7. Soooo Taylor, I installed Yosimite and everything works fine the BT,WiFi,Network,Camera,USB3.0, track, keyboard, USB mouse, no loud fans. It even has full native acceleration, However theres just one problem. The same problem that was with Mavericks. "No Main Monitor Support" Im sorry to say but with you claiming to have full main monitor support isnt how OSX was meant to be shown. You dont have Acceleration. having 1080p on your display doesnt = smooth transitions. Yosimite has the same problem Mavericks had but at least with Mavericks we could plug in a HDMI cable getting Full Accelerated support for our notebooks displays, then pulling the cable out. I've tried ALL the Video card Associated flags, I even tried injecting the monitor but all have failed.
  8. I got everything installed just fine and well.. the video card through laptop support is terrible. the mouse is moving very slow. acceleration is M.I.A. My monitor after installing the kext you provided is showing up as a 27inch. Can you please provide your config file because i dont know how you set it up but the kext simply arent working for my system at all. Its like being in safe mode. Anyways, If you could send a link to the config that would be super! And any other advice you can shed on the top would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I got Yosemite installed but the Graphics card still is a problem. It doesn't show on my main display, only HDMI.. I'm king to work with it some more, it would be nice if others could help work with one another Also Taylor, I installed the kext you provided but it had no effect on my system at all.
  10. Taylor, Can you please provide the config.plist for me to download?
  11. Hello Tayler. You say you gotten everything to work well with a few hick-ups. Can you please go into more detail in how you managed to get from maverick to 10.10 through upgrading? The guide you pointed out shows how to get Clover into UEFI mode but it falls short from any real follow ups from there. Are you saying you upgraded from a Maverick 9.? or had you used the Niresh Distro? how did you go about upgrading it to Yosimite? Upgrading just with Mavericks, and the guide only yields a boot screen with no touchpad or keyboard support. This is why I wondered maybe you upgraded the Niresh Distro which has both keyboard and touchpad support. Also, It shows you posted on the 3rd of this month that the Graphics Card was one of the many things working (giving im understanding this correctly in that you typed this) but then on the 8th you said "Fixed a huge issue today! My graphics card works!" I thought it was fixed ont he 3rd? Im sorry im not trying to be a douche but im just confuse and trying to figure out the missing steps. I will happily help you and your research to figure out our common goals. I need you to fill in the blanks though.
  12. What kind of notebook do you have? Also, what are you checking off?
  13. Hello all. SYSTEM: ALIENWARE R5 HASSWELL CPU VIDEO: NVIDIA GEFORCE 780M 4GB PROBLEM: HDMI OUT WORKS. MAIN 120HZ DOES NOT - BLACK SCREEN Installed Nvidia kext-Card fully recognized. With HDMI plugged in HDMI out, and Notebook with its 120hz both work PERFECTLY with full acceleration. The issue is when HDMI is unplugged the Notebooks Monitor is black. I don't care about the HDMI, needless to say the main display is a must. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, when the HDMI is plugged in my notebooks monitor displays flickers as though its being initiated after the HDMI has loaded. Flags DO NOT work, I've tried them all. I'm stumped.
  14. SUCCESS!! or is it ^_-. So I was half asleep in Zombie Mode trying different kext and working with MultiBeast, and Slytherin and was able to get to 120Hz with my main display. Thanks to your guidance with injection. However, Its sluggish, the transitions with windows and desktop animations aren't smooth. Is there any fix you know of that I can try? It worked perfectly through HDMI when I had no main monitor support but now that I do, both my main display, and HDTV are sluggish. P.S. Thanks for the patch offer, I don't think I need it?
  15. Thanks for your help Dev. The Injection did nothing at all. The only thing it did was make the monitor 1080p. It actually made it worse because after installing the NVidia installer, that had previously worked only through HDMI-had now went M.I.A. My monitor booted right up with NVidia selected, and not the OS X default selected witch had no acceleration. It was false hope, LIIIIIIE'S!!! you know the false hope that you put into a women only to find out she's nothing but a dirty filthy scallywag whore trampling her ripe melons around you thought was yours false hope. sorry, I'm tired, and its late. anyways, the NVidia drivers (kext) wasn't loaded, even after a reinstall-yielded nothing. Something that did strike me odd was that the Clover "Options" showed the NVidia GeForce 780m, but once booted into OS X the only thing that had loaded was the GeForce icon in the status bar but with only 7mb and not 4GB. I don't know what's going on with my monitor. It would seem my only hope is just to downgrade to a 60hz display. Other then that, I'm out of ideas. Thank you again Dev for your assistance. not just with me but others you'll helped. This world needs more people like you. I appreciate your tying. Thank you, and Good night
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