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  1. I remember this error!! try booting into safe mode (-x) that always helped me. Hope it helps you
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I had a feeling I was wasting me time trying to get it installed.
  3. I've heard of some people being successful installing the drivers. Will it work? If so, how would I do it?Thanks.
  4. Thanks, It worked. I remounted and booted with "amd -v" thanks for your help
  5. I will be back, I remounted it too the USB. I shall go try. Hopefully it works.
  6. Oh, thanks I was downloading the dvd I just stopped it. xD So, how would I get this to install... I am remounting the stuff to a USB again...
  7. Is the DVD version more optimized by chance? (Installation wise)
  8. Have you tried using kernel flags like "PCIRootUID=0" etc
  9. Have you tried booting without any flags? Have you tried making sure "HPET" is on in the BIOS? Have you tried making sure it's 64 bits ( If you have the option ). Is your mother board / cpu 64 bit?
  10. + I am using the USB version, Does the ISO version work on a 4.37 gb dvd? Or do you need Dual-Layered
  11. My Motherboard: "Amd Phenom x4 | 860" My GPU: "Amd Radeon 6950" Bootflags I have used "Amd" "Amd64" "Amdfx" I have tried "AHCI" and "IDE" on my motherboard. It usually fails when i says "20 Minutes remaining" Can anyone help me out? Thanks for the support!
  12. I ended up getting it all fixed. I reinstalled mac and moved the graphics extensions. and boot with "Kernel Cache"=atom npci=0x2000 Thanks for the help anyways
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