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  1. He didn't add it? Was that added by apple ?
  2. What's the name of that song that plays when you first install 10.9 ? Anyone know its catchy ^^;
  3. ========Update=========== Ok so after trying hours on hours lol I removed my sound blaster card and my Graphics card did another fresh install and I'm logged in now. I had to use -v -f other wise i keep getting kernel panic with the CPU power management. Was wondering if it was safe to keep booting with -f or should i fix it? And another question now sense i did have it working what do you think should be my next step should be cuz I still want to install my EVGA GTX 680 graphics card but afaird too (><) oh and Niresh whats that song playing at the start up of the OS lol ?
  4. Sound doent work in safe mode >.> should add that to your guide. I can't get to boot I'm normal mode tryed some thing but no luck now safe mode don't work its new install
  5. Well i tried installing those didn't seem to work tried to flash the bios the flashed worked my PC isn't working but still says something about the CPU power management blah blah blah and no sound still I'm bout ready to give up under the drivers it show's 3 things Intel High Definition Audio Audio ID 1 iunno if that means anything and my sound menu looks like this
  6. Ok tryed and didn't work I can't find the Audio drivers page anymore I have alc 892
  7. Kinda confused by that and how toInstall it I think my mono is alc 892 but .... If Isis it right that is tryed to install it with multibeast but no luck if I even did it right even downloaded a alc982 file off a web site but don't how to install it I try clicking on it and the file ask me how should I open it so I'm stuck
  8. It has something to do with the sectors on the hard drive it self if its sectors had 4k which alot of newer ones do then you have to do the unmount trick which I'm still trying to figure out lol keeps telling me no file found
  9. I seen it but I'm not understanding it. Don't know what they did just get a white screen with -xTryed it with legacy USB on and off when it's off I can't use my USB keyboard until it sets there for 20 mins=======update=======I installed maricks and able to boot into safe mode only normal boot still saying missing Bluetooth controller transport so I'm stuck==================Stuck on the white screen of death now lol had to disable stuff in the bios to get to boot to the white screen safe mode seems to boot tho hmmm
  10. that guide only works if your able to type the commands :_:
  11. Ok so I got the disc burned and installed it. I'm using 1TB segate hdd. Seems to install fine with out a problem's off the usb stick problem is when i go to boot off the hard drive it says boot0:error Was looking online and it says to use unpkg 4.5 and download chimera. Unpkg only works on mac doesnt work on windows. Was able to get VirutalBox on another computer to boot so i can use the unpkg did that and got the boot1h w/e file and i think i put it on my flash drive but it doesnt show any files on the stick in the OS only show's a picture.But i droped it in there anyway. The USB stick I'm using i made into a boot drive to load Mac on it with your ISO software cuz i couldnt find a DL DVD at the time. But yes you open up the usb stick and it shows nothing but i place the boot1h file on the flash drive I unmountianed the hard drive then ran the terminal and tryed to type what was said and nothing seems to work. Its where I'm stuck at and yes the partition is 500tb on the 1tb hdd. everything i typed said file not found. ========Edit=============== there's my pic of my screen. When i try to boot normal mode i get this when i boot with -x i get white screen of death. Did get it work once but usb lagacy was disabled but if i have that disabled my keyboard doesnt work until i unplug it and wait for long time then it finally show up which sucks thats to long. And also says my CPU is unkown
  12. ok guess I have download that one then wish they where faster takes for ever direct link would be nice. And i cant have a panic attack if the software doesn't even see my hard drive lol. The loading bar does not show up with the older disc i made last year. Only thing differnt is i have Ivy now instead of Sandy CPU.
  13. OK so once apon a time i had this working on my computer but it stopped. I think it was Lion 10.7 but i was using a sandybridge CPU I tryed to get it to install again but now it well go to the apple screen but the little black loading bar thing doesn't show up anymore and the computer well just sit there. I can see the apple logo sign picture thinggy, just not loading bar But sense that doesn't work which OSX version should i use i think im trying to download 10.8 right now my computer spec's are this AsRock Z68 Fatality Gen 3 MOBO Ivy CPU i7 3.5Ghz Nvidea 680 GTX Corsair 1333Mhz 12 gigs I guess for my PC spec's which OS should i install? Or if you could tell me how 2 get the little apple loading bar to showing up when i boot my old disc I got to work once that would be cool too. Its just really hard to get the CD to boot i have payed moutian lion software off the app store just no way to download it Wish someone sold already made disc's ><
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