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  1. for tp link , use this utility it worked for me https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299948-usb-wifi-updated-ralinkmediatek-rt2870-rt2770-rt3x7x-rt537x-rt5572/page-1
  2. i think you must boot with flag: GraphicsEnabler=No
    how can i install el capital 10,11,2 ? you said "but you have to Extract and replace the kernel with Pacifist" please i need more explanation i had installed this last version of el capital on usb and the loading stopped at almost 80%, i tried many boot flags without result, please help me
  3. I used clover bootloader with inject ATI options and it worked perfectly
  4. did you change your sata configuration to AHCI, and booting from uefi?
  5. hello everybody , finaly i was installed my card graphic "ATI hd 5450" on yosemite 10.10 but only two resolutions are displayed on VGA: 1280x1024 and 900x800 the best display for my monitor is 1600x900 60h, how can i add this, please guide me thanks ..
  6. thanks mr Alcatraz_2000 for helping i tried to install my hard drive on ohter mother board that have ahci option and it booting fine, the issue is in my computer
  7. my bios has no AHCI option . so i linked my hard disk as usb and i installed yosemite but can't boot after that
    please , can i add this driver to neirsh yosemite installer to show me my hard disk, if yes , how?
  8. hello every one i was dowloaded the yosemite hackintosh from this great forum, when i installing it my hard disk hdd not showing up only the usb flash memory, i don't understand why. i have foxconn-h55mxv mother board , i3 intel cpu please help me , im exciting to install mac, i love it
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