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  1. What date is expected for release of high sierra?
  2. BACKUP intel graphics while installation
  3. Sir, i Request Please,can you make special patch for graphics like intel hd4000 to work with sierra zone! i request to help on graphics issues! thank you
  4. hello, I have i3-3110m @2.4ghz x4 with intel hd 4000 intel HD not working on my laptop, used 0x01660003,9 as well boot-args too I have Lenovo g500s
  5. I founded the error causing kext, Hackintosh was not booting up because of "AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext" please patch it Niresh
  6. HELP ON INTEL HD 4000(Lenovo G500s) Hello, I have successfully installed Sierra on my laptop but main issue is Graphics,my laptop Runs on intel hd 4000 and nVidia GT 720m I have installed nVidia Drivers but cannot change default OS X drivers and Intel HD not working(in setup, graphics was working) I tried ig-platfom id:0x01660003,0x01660009 and boot args:IGPEnabler=Yes/No GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No but not success yet! can anyone help me on this please!
  7. Do not select install intel hd graphics and backup your graphics kexts than try again! will work
  8. that means you installation was not successful, upload log.txt or put a picture here, try to install without selecting any boot loader and do not check options which are not necessary for your pc like you have intel wifi card,dont check Broadcom and atherosclerosis!it won't work for you
  9. when you customize install, there is option available-"totally fix still waiting" try reinstalling with that option enabled
  10. thank you Niresh that was helpful, now I am using Sierra zone I have installed Nvidia web driver too but after changing default driver to Nvidia driver, and after reboot, it sets back to OS X default driver and intel hd 4000 graphics kexts are not available for Sierra on HackintoshZone.com I want to enable intel or Nvidia graphics on my Hackintosh but I cannot do that! how can I fix this!
  11. I have a laptop with this specs: i3 3110m @ 2.4Ghz 2-core 4-thread intel hd 4000 nvidia geforce gt 720m 1TB GPT tabled HDD 6GB DDR3 RAM i successsfully installed Sierra zone,but i am having issue after installation: Debugger Called:</Library/caches/com.apple.xbs/sources/GPUDriversIntel/GPUDriverIntel-18.22.29/common/IONDRV/Intel/IVB/AppleIntel... 897 Assertion failed:(8==i)||((PFbInfo->Rangestolen.phyBase-pfbInfoPrev->RangeStolen.Phybase)==fFramebufferMemorysize) in verbose mode,i see this lines at last than hackintosh reboots suddenly and then boot0ss:error, any help appreciated
  12. Any other solution please?
  13. IGPEnabler not gonna work,already tried
  14. Graphics Bug I successfully installed yosemite zone and successfully updated to 10.10.5 Now i have intel hd 4000 graphic card working but with big issue,there is problem with display,would any one help on it? I have nvidia gt 720m along side but i keep it disabled so i can boot the system
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