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  1. Hey Guys, i just installed Mavericks on my B570. My Ethernet, WIfi and my Sound is working. I can't find the right Kext for my Intel HD ( I thin 2000 or 3000 ) Graphicard. Also i need a kext for my Bluetooth Controller. https://photos-1.dropbox.com/t/0/AADl9vYujLUE6-70ga-PoPlBQOpIOrCOJCnDSPaMZD16fQ/12/172540550/png/32x32/3/_/1/2/Screenshot%202014-03-19%2018.38.19.png/RQ6ee7ctM5cuiiv6Hv72L_hFR1YlQuzQSV4jApBqecY?_subject_uid=172540550&size=1024x768
  2. Take a look in this thread maybe there is something useful for you https://www.maconpc.com/topic/1938-help-mavericks-wont-install-stucks-and-reboot-after-apple-logo-acer-aspire-x3990/?p=8744
  3. @Mikebyrne000 Does it restart ? I had the same messeage with Bluetooth and my PC restarted.
  4. Hey Guys, i just installed Mavericks on my Lenovo G560 by following the Video Tutorial. After the automaticly Post Instaltion by Niresh (First Start) seems to be everthing ok. The Pc boots Well. But my sound,my graphicard and my networkcard (lan and wifi) doesen't work. I've tried multibeast to install some drivers but nothing happend. So i visted the website osx86 to find my drivers, but i dont know what driver i have to download. Here are my devices http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/PDF Sorry for my bad Englisch and I hope u guys can help me to fix it.
  5. Hey Guy's, I've created a Niresh Mavericks USB stick by Following the Tutorial. As far as well the stick works on my Lenovo G560 and starts the Mavericks setup. But when i select the stick on my B570 it won't boot and it starts automaticly booting Windows 8.1 I've tried to Boot the Niresh USB with a BDU Usb stick and here is the same Problem. Both Laptops are set to AHCI MODE. Does Anybody have an Idead why it doesen't work ?
  6. @Devonic The same message like https://www.maconpc.com/topic/1938-help-mavericks-wont-install-stucks-and-reboot-after-apple-logo-acer-aspire-x3990/?p=8736
  7. @Devonic Bootet with xpcm-free USBBusFix=Yes and this meassage appears: --------- EBIOS read error: Device Timeout Block 0x3219a Sectors 0 ------- And it Stucks again. (I've tested the USB Stick on my Lenovo G560 and it works. My Lenovo B570 doesen't boot the Stick. Both are set to AHCI )
  8. @Devonic I've downloaded the dmg again, burned it with transmac, bootet it with -x -v and I still have the same problem...
  9. I've tried to boot it with the BDU-USB, selected my over usb drive with Mavericks and bootet with -v -x. Now the sytem say's
  10. It is pre-installation. I've tried the -v flag. This time the apple logo didn't appear and the pc restarts again. (sorry for my english )
  11. Hey Guys, i hope u can help me to fix my Problem. The Mavericks setup is loading it only apears the Apple logo and a loading circle under the logo. It won't start the setup, it stucks at the Apple Logo and restarts after ca. 5 minutes. Intel® Pentium® G620 Prozessor Boxed 2x 2600 MHz 4GB DDR3 Ram Intel HD Graphics 1696MB
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