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  1. should i put kernel somewhere or this will work differently from other?? however i know that my gpu will work after 10.10.3 and i have a 2205 killer lan and some people say that not work....with other method of installing it does not let me surf the net...so i would be stuck....can someone help me to find a good kext for it??....or maybe give me a 10.10.3 niresh?
  2. hi guys so these are my specs cpu:amd fx8350 4 ghz 8 core gpu:750ti msi 2 gb oc mobo:msi 970 gaming am3+(it has a 2205 killer lan someone say it don't works....can you tell me before i install cause my gpu will work after 10.10.3,if there is a niresh 10.10.3 i would appreciate) Ram:hyperxfury 1866mhz ssd:samsung 240 gb hdd:western digital 1 tb(for mac)
  3. how can i do??? please help.... Cpu:Amd fx8350 4 ghz 8 core Gpu: msi 750ti Mobo:Msi 970 gaming am3+
  4. hi all guys how can i install osx on my pc?? my specs are these: Cpu:Amd fx8350 4 ghz 8 core Mobo:msi gaming 970 am3+ Gpu: msi gtx 750ti
  5. Did you resolved it? Cause It said to me connected but can't surf the net
  6. hi all guys i have problem with ethernet on amd hackintosh 10.10.5 here are my specs...it says that my ethernet is connected but when i surf the net it stuck on the loading the site...what i have to do?? i installed athernose2205.kext Cpu:amd fx 8350 8 core 4 ghz Gpu:msi gtx 750ti 2 gb oc tf mobo: Msi gaming 970 am3+ ram ddr3 1866 mhz hyperxfury hd:western digital 1 tb
  7. hi all guys i am some issues installing yosemite on my amd fx 8350 8 core 4 ghz with a 750ti Msi 2 gb Oc TF and a Msi 970 gaming am3+ mobo...i tried with a software named pandora....but i can't go over the boot screen....can someone explain me how to do it? i know that the 750ti will work after 10.10.3 i have a usb drive with 10.10.5 i really hope someone can help me thank you so much
  8. Hi guys i'm looking for some hints from all of you....so i decided to take these hardware... Cpu--->Amd fx8350 4 Ghz Mobo---->Msi 970 Gaming am3+ Gpu---->(not sure) Msi gtx 750ti or Gigabyte 750ti 4gb or the 2gb Gigabyte 750ti.... will those with alternative web drivers from nvidia work?? i hope u will help me cause i really don't know what to find.....people said that if i use flags like nv_disable=1 but will it work with amd without a onboard gpu?? what i should do?? should i change gpu??thnx guys
  9. Hi guys can u help me?!? i don't know what type of mobo can go good.... Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P/Rev 2.0 or MSI Mod SoAM3+ 970 Gaming 7693-040R what of these will work good?!? thanx
  10. hi guys i was thinking about to buy this Gpu....should i apply some kext or it is compatible "out of the box" thanks
  11. Hi all i wanna build a hackintosh with these hardware components: -Cpu:Amd fx 8350 8 core 4.2 ghz -Gpu:Msi nvidia geforce gt740 -Mobo:Msi gaming 970 -Ram:8gb ddr3 i hope u will help me thnx
  12. how is it going that mobo?? i wanna buy it is it good?
  13. how did u install that mobo?? is it working good?? cause i wanna buy it
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