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  1. No me acuerdo a como venía todo esto, pro el tema es así: Vos tenés en un disco rígido windows 7, con su bcd/bootmanager. Y tenés otro con osx con otro bootmanager/bootloader dónde, cuando estén los dos discos rígidos enchufados, te va a dar la opción para bootear entre osx y win. No sé por qué pero desde el bootloader de osx no podés entrar a win 7. Lo que yo hago, es cuando prendo la pc, apretar F12 (Por mi mother, vos podrías tener otro) para seleccionar desde que hdd voy a bootear. Acordate de tener cuidado si la instalación de windows la hiciste en ide, porque osx es ahci.
  2. Look, my md5 is different. Mine It's: 0224eaad6b9d4f7ca764b53ba9cbc9f1 Just maybe for a single txt that is corrupt in the dmg it can give you a different md5, and that doesn't mean that you can't open it with a program. I would give a try with a new download and check if that helps.
  3. I got Undefined error 0 when finish installing. But maybe it's because i tried with a different torrent. I will use the torrent that niresh shaid (Which worked for me the other day)
  4. With WinMD5 tell me you md5 of the file OSX-Mavericks.dmg
  5. I don't know how, but with a clover usb managed to boot. Now i'm having problems installing Yosemite (The other day installed perfect)
  6. Those are the last lines before going to the grey screen. Sorry for the quality. As i can see i have 'NVDAStartup: Official' and 'NVDAGK100HAL loaded and registered' PS: And yes, using GTX 760 4GB
  7. Hi, the other day installed mavericks as usual, everything went fine. It worked a few days, and when i wanted to boot it again i got a grey screen after the apple logo. It doesn't worried me a lot because i get used to have a crash on my hackintosh everytime a month.. So, i decided to install it again, and after the install, again, the same problem. I tried with so many bootflags, even -v, but the verbose mode it's ok, and then it goes to the grey screen, so in the verbose mode i don't see any errors. PS: Also, i tried to install Mountain Lion, and i can't get video signal after install, the monitor (Screen) goes to stand by mode with my GTX 760. Any info will be appreciated.
  8. I have the same dmg that installed correctly long time ago. Also downloaded the usb and iso version again (Which are the same file btw)
  9. Also tried with -x GraphicsEnabler=No and other flags that i found searching.
  10. Hi, how are you? Long time ago i've installed mavericks perfectly. But, a week ago my hdd broke and have to bought a new one. So i need to install niresh again. First, i did it with transmac and i got this when loading the installer: Then i did it with win32diskimager and i reach the installer, and when i 'hit' install the installation starts but after a sec it says that the installation cannot complete, and when opened the installation log it freezed. Nothing opened and then restarted by itself. So today i tried to try again, and with Transmat i get the following KP And with win32diskimager i get the same error, but this time i can open the installer log and i get something like: +systemWithPath : failed to createSMSystem_DMDiskBased I think that i'm doing the same steps that i did the first time. The only thing that has changed is that i bought a MSI GTX 760, but i tried removing it and get the same error. I will try with another usb and with maverish ISO version (This is the 2nd time that i download the USB version)
  11. It doesn't even work properly in 10.8, i don't thinks it's goint to work in 10.9
  12. The Bad: As of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple has completely removed support for 32-bit kernel extensions and the new kernel no longer supports booting in 32-bit mode. As you probably know by know, most GMA950 drivers that were provided by Apple were 32-bit extensions and therefore will no longer work with OS 10.8! The Good: Apple has included 64-bit drivers for GMA950 in the OS X 10.6.2 update. These drivers can be used to provide partial support for GMA950 under OS 10.8 The Ugly: The drivers are painfully slow especially at higher resolutions. System animations lag, full screen videos are almost unwatchable, flash videos are not working properly. The "partial" fix: Use the 10.6.2 extensions attached below to get resolution changing and QE/CI. Install using kext wizard or whatever other utility you like. You still need DSDT or EFI string injection. The real fix: Well... I think its time for an upgrade. A cheap nVidia GeForce 210 or ATI Radeon HD5450 will get the job done perfectly if you have a desktop PC. Laptop users however, are out of luck this time. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280675-partial-fix-intel-gma950-for-os-x-108/
  13. Ehm, estás usando la placa de video onboard para instalar? Hace mucho que no instalo osx, así que estoy medio olvidado de los componentes de la instalación. Pero fijate si hay algo de amd.
  14. Al arrancar la instalación usás 'amdfx' o 'amdfx -v'?
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