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  1. I have el Capitan up and running under vmware player 12. The basics work decently well, though iMessage etc won't work due to a bad serial. The OS was installed from a clean El Capitan USB install drive. Can anyone point me in the right direction of generating appropriate bios machine ids & tweaking vmware accordingly?
  2. Will yosemite zone work under client Hyper-V on Windows 10 ? The image was recently downloaded.checksums are: CRC32: 5FF61186 MD5: 2F65ABE96BDADEADC668B5402250C01D SHA-1: 6771A970195D5DF3B8E052C4ACBD46D964B95E9C I've tried with a gen.2 vm - using UEFI. This doesn't see the ISO image as bootable. I've tried gen.1 (BIOS). This boots but stops at cdboot: done_ I've seen the instructions for virtualbox so will of course try those - but it was intriguing, and would be super to work as I use hyper-V for other VMs Many thanks
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