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  1. GPUSensors.kext kernel panic Hello, so I installed FakeSMC.kext along with the FakeSMC plugins through multibeast for SIERRA but I get a kernel panic with backtrace org.hwsensors.gpusensors and I don't know hot to remove it through Single User boot. I used cd /System/Library/Extensions/ ls and there is no FakeSMC.kext file in thia directory nor is it in Library/Extensions. please help me!
  2. I used the auto installer but no support for the GTx 1070 yet. Will wait a little longer then. Also configured clover with nvda_drv=1 Edit: The GTX is fully working with the latest beta driver on macOS Sierra. I have a fully functional hackintosh now with only two days of sweat in it. Thank you Niresh!
  3. GTX 1070 alternative Hello, So the GTX 1070 isn't supported in macOS Sierra by either Apple and Nvidia. What is the cheapest GPU that will work OOB with macOS either Nvidia or AMD. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  4. All I did was deselect all option with spacebar when booting the installer. For some reason it worked. Removing aptio didn't work though. Reinstalling now.
  5. I manged to install OS X but now I get a kernel panic at booting through clover UEFI. See screen
  6. I'm sorry; my specs are as follows; Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68x-UD4-B3 U1E UEFI bios. CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 FE Ram: 32GB unspecified memory. I boot with clover Holding the button 6 leads to no result. See error at:
  7. Error Loading Kernel Cache (0xe) Hi there, as soon as I try to boot the MacOS Sierra installer I get the error: Error Loading Kernel Cache (0xe). Booting without kernel caches still result in the exact same problem. I've been having this error for so long and I can't find the solution, please help!
    Great distro but now all the new versions of OS X will be releasing, would like a distro for OS X El Capitan aswell
  8. Boot in verbose mode -v do you get the sanbox statements?
  9. Will a follow up of the Yosemite distro be created? 10.10.5 because all I do it won't work. Installing the 10.10.1 distro works stable but no internet no matter what kext I install for my ethernet device. Upgrading to 10.10.5 my internet works but clover fails to boot it. chameleon then works for 1 time and after that no more booting.
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