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  1. well thats why i installed snow leopard. but after the installation is when i started having this problem. do you thing i need an older distro?
  2. yes I tried 10.8.2 amd & intel and 10.8.5 intel only.
  3. i was trying to install iatkos snow lepard s3. And RV_ABZ what do you mean by retail copy? i don't have the money to go and by a legit copy so thats why im using iso's.
  4. my pc is an emachines t3604 processor: Intel Celeron D GPU: nvidia geforce 7900 gs hdd: ST3120813AS Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 2nd hdd WDC WD1600AAJB-0 (this is the one with mac os) PSU antec (can't find model # right now) and the rest is stock ps this is my project PC, My primary PC is much better and newer I am also posting from my primary PC
  5. Hi guys. i need help with my hackintosh. Now im sorry if this has been posted before but i have no luck while searching for a solution. i also must mention that i had to use iatkos s3 because it was the only one that supports 32-bit. i hope that doesn't mean i can't get help and the only reason im posting here is because this forum is better and more helpful than theirs. so basically im stuck in a boot loop and ive tried everything i could think of. i reinstalled, tried many bootloaders, booting from disk, disk utility, and so on. so anybody that can help me will be greatly worshiped lol. please help!
  6. well I figured out what my issue was. i forgot that the target computer was 32-bit not 64-bit. so i went ahead and downloaded iatkos snow leopard and installed that a now the only problem im having is that when i try to boot os x, my computer just restarts itself. any ideas and whats happening? i know that i probably wont get help noe that im using a different program but maybe someone would like to help me? thanks in advance and thanks to those who tried to help me out!
  7. I tried that as well and both my phones were to slow and like i said the report doesn't stay up long enough. it Just lists many lines and then disappears before i can do anything about it. Could I try taking a short video of it and then posting that?
  8. I tried that and it wouldn't stay on the screen long enough to take a picture of it to post.
  9. Can someone please help me with this? as the title says i keep getting stuck on the apple logo when i boot from cd before the installation. that is the only thing i get nothing else. i have an intel based project computer with an nvidia gpu and i downloaded the intel only iso. if all specs are needed i can post them. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced!
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