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  1. Hello All! I have successfully installed 10.9.0 on an AMD setup using the Asus M5A97 mobo and an FX8150 Processor I would like to know how to upgrade with specific steps pleasae to 10.9.4 - I did the upgrade downloading the 10.9.4 upgrade combo packahge from Apple, but I was not given the option of replacing the kernel and repairing permissions before the computer rebooted, so of course it crashed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Steven BTW - all working on 10.9.0 except that Audio comes through as 2 channel and not 8 and Mac doesn't see my Asus PCE-N15 wireless card.
  2. Hello! I am attempting to install Maverick on an HP Pavillion Laptop using Niresh's distro. CPU - AMD Turrion 44x2 4 gig ram And the part that I think is causing the issues. A check with msinfo32 on windows shows the drive as an IDE setup even though the physical drive is a SATA. However to use the drive, an adapter is fitted to it that extends the SATA connection components to a series of prongs that slide down into a receptacle. I am able to install OSX Mavericks to the same drive using a USB drive desktop adapter, but booting then leaves me with still waiting for root device. Physically installing the drive with the loaded OSX and booting from there brings me to the same conclusion - still waiting for root device. I am able to get as far as I have using amd64 cpus=1 -v So one install attempt leaves no drives showing and the other a block on initial boot. The attached photo also has the adapter as an inset. Thoughts? Thank you so much in advance, Steven
  3. Okay, I have everything working except the wireless card (still looking into that) and I have downloaded every kext I could find for the Radeon HD6450 card. They seem to install, but the screen resolution will not move to the 1600 x 900 that the monitor is set at for default best resolution. I ran Chameleon Boot Loader, and set the graphics resolution to forced 1600 x 900 and nothing happened. What am I doing wrong? Steven Asus M5A97 R2.0 Mobo AMDFX 8150 Cpu Radeon HD 6450 GPU
  4. I have successfully located kexts for the Radeon HD6450 for 10.9 - but now how do I get the old ones out so that I can see to install the new ones? Thank you. Steven
  5. I was getting into the OS after install, and I opted to use the Kext Wizard to install kexts for a Radeon HD6450 that i found for 10.8.5 - Now when I boot into the screen it goes to a white screen. I get the spinning color wheel, and I can move the mouse, but the rest of the screen is white. Is there a way to remove those kexts? Steven
  6. I had this error as I mentioned at the start of the thread - Downloaded the updated DMG from Niresh - I then installed and had a wait period, got called away for about 15 minutes, and when I came back it had continued on to the install screen. Now I cannot get through the first post-install run without black screen and the monitor going to sleep, but THAT is another thread S
  7. I have the exact same problem. Asus M5A97 R2.0 mobo and FX8150 CPU The install completes, the first boot starts, the screen goes black, and then nothing. I don't know what you mean by back up all graphics. Steven
  8. Exact same issue as above - though I have camera shake - I tried though! Steven
  9. I will try to get a picture for you - just before that - there are 2 lines that load the USB parameters. More soon, S
  10. Hello Friends! I started the install on my machine which has an AMD FX8150 and Asus M5A97 R2.o motherboard, and the installation froze at this point: [iOBlueToothHCIController][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler}--Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! And that is as far as I get. I read in another forum that using -f and npci=0x2000 helped, but those were Intel machines. any help would be greatly appreciated. Steven
  11. Greetings all! I have the listed motherboard and processor (AMD FX8150 & M5A97 R2.0) and have followed as many other online tutorials as I could find using various command lines, and have had no luck at all getting to the install on the 10.8.2 distro. I primarily tried: 1. Just typing amd -v 2. Typing "KernelCache"=amd -v 3. Typing "KernelCache"=amd arch=i386 -v 4. All of the above with maxmem-4095 And there may be a few others. Bios was reset to default and all Asus extras turned off, all cores enabled, ht enabled. Thoughts? Thank you and Happy Holidays! Steven
  12. You are the best! I am SOOOO excited! Bless you! Steven
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