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  1. Yes ... there is a lot of people here! But first, read a bit trough forums
  2. too late There is nearly no "update to 10.9.2" "without problem" !!
  3. For sure it's an usb dedicated problem! (like USB enumaration or conflict)
  4. Yes I red that many times. Strange But, I have a credit card if I go to my account using Windows/iCloud (or via appstore in windows). By the way, do you mean you remove a card and then create a new one or you never add a credit card to your account? Best
  5. "That's all" ... haha ... you're kidding
  6. I think that for many it's the best to wait for a native 10.9.2 installer from Niresh!
  7. Yes and no ! If it's same file it's replace otherwise you've different files. As kexts are not working or give a panic it's best to remove them end use the one for your nic
  8. You're right ... I don't have a real Mac to do that ;-) I tried to install on an intel based notebook (Sony VPCF11 serie) and an Apple Ethernet adapter (and YES this adapter works even it's said to be made only for the MacBook Air !! :-) ). I upgrade to 10.9.1 .... iCloud not working! I had to fine tune a bit but If I try to change something (Chameleon Wizard) ... stuck to a black screen after boot (for me at the moment who I have to have an image on my external monitor). Also, If I try 10.9.0 (runnig) to 10.9.2 .... stuck at "PCI configuration" and nothing to do. (can help Niresh when he decide to release a 10.9.2 of his installer). Thanks
  9. The only thing I can says is ... reinstall if it's not working. On the other way, there's other flags you can try (npci=0 -v -f pcirootuid=0 ...)
  10. I saw that but haven't try How can I inject as I can't boot ;-) Using "transmac"? Other methods? Any "tutorial" if needed? Thanks a lot
  11. Hi, So far so bad ;-) I tried to install Mavericks on a Sony VPCF11M1E Intel i5 Geforce GT 330M Nic: Yukon 88E8057 -- Not supported I successfully install 10.9.0 with Niresh but after installed update 10.9.2 I'm stuck on "PCI Configuration Begin" I tried nearly all flags with no success. Any idea? I've seen it's possible to tryu to inject from windows (Using transmac) old kexts but is it the right solution? May be it's better to wait for Niresh new installer? Thanks if modo can help me
  12. I hesitate to update ... but done it Bad idea! After update machine boot ... OSX seems to start booting ... and machine restart ! I tried different flags with no success ... Any idea? Thanks a lot ... otherwise I have to reinstall to 10.9.1 !
  13. Try GraphicsEnabler=no flag Also cpus=1
  14. Try with -f flag and if not succeed -F No success? Verify BIOS and ... reinstall from scratch
  15. Did you follow the guide carefully? Did you try with boot flag -v -f -x pciroot=0 (1) pcirootid=0 (1) cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=no
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