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  1. can you please fix the thread so i don't have to click like, share, tweet, or whatever EVERY TIME i signin and or simply go to the next page of comments and want to see the main post? thanks
  2. good morning. uefi is a bios type. if your just going to install 7 don't worry about the ahci versus ide mode in your sata settings since you already have maverick installed. as far as your partition for 7 format it ntfs and set it to primary not logical. once you have the format on the partition rightclick the partition and select modify and set it to active. you can use partition wizard's boot disk to do this. just download the iso and use whatever program you prefer to burn it to a cd. from what i've been told for what i want to do i need to do 7, 8.1, and then mavericks in that order. i'm assuming that's because there's a chance windows might balk at the unknow partition you have for osx and give you trouble. anyway i hope this helps. http://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html
  3. hi i have a thread here that might help. from what i've been told if dual booting 7 or 8/8.1 and os x install 7 or 8/8.1 first then osx. in my case i'll be installing 7, 8.1, and osx mavericks. hope this helps. https://www.maconpc.com/topic/398-first-time-installing-109-outside-of-vm-environment/
  4. it happens in all three browsers, cyberfox 26(a 64 bit version of firefox), chrome, and ie11. i'm not the only one having this problem, and it's the only forum it's happening in so it IS the forum and not my browser. it's not all threads with more than one page that page two and beyond can't be accessed. another part of the problem is that if i go to the thread and make a post, then check my content i can see my post was added, so even though i can't see beyond page one i do know any post added to the thread are posting correctly. on another note this is the only forum where my spell checker is not working, and on one last note getting any kind of update on how site repairs in regards to the errors is like pulling teeth.
  5. come on guys the problem with not being able to see beyond the first page in certain threads is still here. I can't even tell you if this did or didn't post, cause once I click post I get taken back to the first page of the thread.
  6. yes the staff is aware. it's been going on for at least 3 days now.
  7. o.k. finally have the time this weekend to do this, but before i attempt it i have a question. i looked at the article that talks about compatibility and if i read correctly my hardware is probably too old to run 10.8 or newer. can someone please confirm one way or the other for me? thanks
  8. o.k. that's different from the threads i've seen previously, but it is from niresh so i'd trust it. however according to everything i've read you are better off with ahci, so in the end it's really your call. as for the problems with the touch pad i have no idea, but i'd suggest you strat a fresh thread. others that may be able to help you with the problem may not see your post buried in this thread. wish i could of been more help.
  9. o.k. i'll make this as simple as possible. 1. install win 7 in ide mode2. land on the desktop after install3. do not install the one driver or the intel matrix storage manager for ahci mode4. reboot change the sata ide mode to sata ahci mode5. save settings and exit6. now sit there NOT being able to get back into windows cause windows DOES NOT auto-install the achi driver(s)7. restart, go back to the bios, set ide again, save exit, boot into windows without a problem8. if you have sata ahci mode enabled before installing windows then and only then will windows install the achi driver automatically
  10. Kampfgeist i know in windows i can install the driver and the one chipset tool and then reboot and change the setting from ide to ahci and get into windows just fine. Deepak was implying that all you needed to do was simply reboot without installing the files, change the setting and boot right into windows. i just wanted it clear for anyone following the thread how to do it. now if you start from a fresh install and you already had ahci enabled then you only need to install the "intel matrix storage manager" once in windows, cause windows will install the correct driver for ahci during the install of windows.
  11. nope, what i've read is correct. i just restarted went into the bios, switched to ahci mode, saved settings, and was unable to boot back into windows. so for windows to use achi mode it must be set to it BEFORE windows is installed.
  12. super cool, thought i was right but just wanted to confirm. thanks for all the help. wish me luck. i'll report back my results. thanks again
  13. i was under the impression that with the above i was all set for installing mavericks.
  14. Kampfgeist thanks alot, just the simple straighforward answer i was looking for. i still need to know if i'm right on how i put the mavericks files on the flash drive. thanks
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